New Rugged Military Laptop for In-Vehicle Connectivity

Panasonic has released its TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL, a rugged laptop built to withstand in-vehicle vibrations, provide advanced AI processing capabilities, and deliver military-grade connectivity through a specialized module from roda computer By William Mackenzie / 26 Jun 2024
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Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business Division has unveiled its TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL, set to enhance in-vehicle connectivity with command and control defense networks in wheeled and tracked vehicles. 

New Rugged Military Laptop for In-Vehicle Connectivity

Based on the new TOUGHBOOK 40mk2 version, the T40 TACTICAL is the latest solution from the partnership between Panasonic and roda computer GmbH.

Connectivity and Reliability
The TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL features a specialized industry module from roda computer, equipped with up to three round military-grade connectors, enabling users to choose from a range of interfaces and protocols. This includes:

An embedded port control protocol (PCP) ensures an enhanced and reliable data connection between the TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL and military networks and devices. When compared with commercial devices that use USB ports, military-grade connections ensure fewer component failures, especially in challenging environments. 

The TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL works seamlessly with all common military connector manufacturers, enabling connectors to be procured locally and comply with the approved procurement protocol of the respective country and vehicle platform.

Defense Applications
The TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL maintains the same form, fit and function as previous – and future – iterations of the TOUGHBOOK 40, with all existing peripherals compatible with the T40 TACTICAL. This enables the defense sector to confidently deploy in-vehicle interfaces and mounting plates around the T40 TACTICAL.

Compared to a custom-built bespoke solution, the defense sector can take advantage of faster device availability and configuration, lower cost of procurement, and ease of servicing with the TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL. 

Upgrades and predictive maintenance cycles can be planned before deployment, and aligned with the vehicle’s own servicing schedule over its 10+ year lifespan, helping to maximize device uptime, and minimize vehicle downtime.

Processing & Ruggedness
The TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL features AI processing capabilities at the edge using the Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 CPU, featured on the TOUGHBOOK 40mk2, increasing efficiency and accuracy for users. It also features the Intel® Arc™ GPU (when 2 RAM modules are installed), enabling superior graphics performance.

The TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL is IP66 rated, with vibration compliance to 810H MIL-SPEC, ensuring that connections can withstand significant in-vehicle vibrations, regardless of the terrain.

With militaries deployed year-round across the world, the T40 TACTICAL can operate comfortably in temperatures between -29°C and +63°C. Its modular design is enhanced through the availability of four additional expansion areas, providing maximum flexibility.

Luca Legnani, European Vertical Marketing Manager at Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, commented; “The defense sector wants to combine high levels of performance with cost-efficiency and reliability when choosing rugged computing solutions for a variety of different applications. 

“Our market-ready TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL allows NATO and European defense forces to always have access to best-of-breed hardware and software for intensive defense use, as well as providing a technological footprint for future vehicle design.”

The TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL was officially launched at Eurosatory 2024, Paris. 

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