New Multi-Network Support Capability for Radio Operators

goTenna's new EdgeRelay offers permanent extended network coverage for off-grid missions, offering environmental ruggedization and external charging options to extend onboard power By Abi Wylie / 25 Mar 2024
New Multi-Network Support Capability for Radio Operators
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goTenna has unveiled a new multi-network, endurance-focused support capability for goTenna’s Pro X2 radio operators — the goTenna EdgeRelay™. 

This ad hoc infrastructure solution supports up to two separate mesh networks, with the system extending goTenna networks and offering environmental ruggedization, external charging options to extend onboard power, and varied mounting support to ensure sustained operational coverage without expensive and cumbersome installations.

Customers can mount the goTenna EdgeRelay in remote and austere environments to ensure seamless connectivity of goTenna edge networks. Tested at over 100 miles point-to-point line-of-sight in real-world scenarios, EdgeRelays can be connected together to create several hundred square miles of coverage.

With solar and direct power options, along with a dependable internal battery, the goTenna EdgeRelay aims to provide continuous operation as a dedicated infrastructure relay. This ruggedized and self-sustaining solution provides labor and personnel cost savings to the end user. 

Using an EdgeRelay greatly reduces the time it takes to deploy, recharge, fix, and maintain ad-hoc communications in an austere or comms-denied environment. 

The goTenna EdgeRelay system supports two separate mesh networks on each device, allowing operators to support different mission configurations, and is already enhancing missions for multiple U.S. government organizations. Additional software features in the relay introduce advanced capabilities for remote diagnostic checks on network statistics and health. 

A companion relay manager app and updated TAK plug-in allow operators to remotely monitor the health and status of deployed relays across the mesh network, eliminating the need to physically revisit deployed relays.

Ari Schuler, goTenna CEO, said; “One of goTenna’s greatest strengths is being able to stand up a communication network where there is no infrastructure whatsoever. 

“The EdgeRelay extends that capability by enabling our customers to create robust fixed or itinerant goTenna mesh networks that operators can automatically connect to, offering more flexibility to those who are responding to natural disasters, supporting an austere forward operating base or operating in other difficult mission environments.”

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