New Micro-Gimbal for Enhanced UAS Situational Awareness

The AVT CM62 Micro Gimbal from CACI International offers high performance intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance in a small, lightweight, low-power system to enhance future small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) operations By DA Staff / 18 Aug 2021
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CACI International Inc. has launched a new multi-sensor imaging system that combines high definition Electro-Optical (EO) imagery and a custom Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) core in a compact 260g system.

The AVT CM62 Micro Gimbal offers high performance Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), in a small, lightweight, and low-power system to enhance future small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) operations.

CACI is a supplier of lightweight, gyro-stabilized, and multi-sensor imaging systems for ISR and target acquisition operations. Smaller, lighter, lower-power systems reduce resource requirements on equipment and provide more efficient capability, and integrating these systems onto existing platforms ensures battlefield equipment and tools are mission-ready.

CACI acquired Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT) in 2020. AVT has been recognized for advanced engineering and for supplying advanced imaging solutions and software development for global national security missions.

“The CM62 represents a new generation of surveillance systems,” said John Mengucci, President and CEO at CACI. 

“Engineered for the modern battlefield, the CM62 is designed to provide superior capability against the evolving threats that our Sailors, Marines, and warfighters are facing against our technologically savvy adversaries. This technology will have a significant impact on survivability and resiliency during sUAS operations and beyond.”

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