New Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV for Covert Real-Time Intelligence Missions

Using a single nose-mounted motor and propeller solution for Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) as well as for horizontal flight, Blaze’s Spider VTOL is designed for tactical, covert, over-the-hill or extended range real-time intelligence By DA Staff / 15 Jul 2022
Blaze Spider VTOL
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IMCO Group’s Blaze will participate at this year’s Farnborough International Airshow and unveil the Spider VTOL, a mini electrical fixed-wing Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that utilizes a single motor and a single propeller.

Unlike some traditional fixed-wing VTOL UAVs that have dedicated motors, propellors and structural parts for performing takeoff and landing that could hinder their overall performance, the Spider VTOL utilizes a single nose-mounted electrical motor and propeller for both vertical takeoff and landing as well as for horizontal flight. 

These capabilities enable the Spider VTOL to perform point takeoffs and landings in small areas with scarce space, and to operate in harsh wind and weather conditions without compromising performance. 

Lightweight and highly transportable, the Spider VTOL’s full operational cycle, from deployment, through launch and mission execution, to recovery and packing, can be performed by a single operator. 

Its innovative flying wing design and belly-mounted payload configuration enable high operational availability of up to 3 hours, high survivability, and fast redeployment time. 

The Spider VTOL can be equipped with various advanced payloads, providing covert real-time day/night intelligence for a variety of open areas and urban scenarios such as military, law enforcement, low-intensity conflict, security, peacekeeping, search and rescue missions, disaster management and civil applications.

“Ideal for covert, enhanced performance, over-the-hill ISR missions for tactical forces, border security, strategic infrastructure protection and maritime operation, the easily deployable Spider VTOL can be operated by a single operator, vertically takeoff and land on any terrain using its innovative single motor, single prop takeoff and landing mechanism, enabling it to be launched from a small boat or an armored fighting vehicle (AFV), and operate in harsh environments and GPS denied zones,” said Blaze CEO, Itai Toren. “It is a groundbreaking tool that enhances forces’ situational awareness and tactical terrain dominance, and we are excited to present it for the first time at the Farnborough International Airshow.”

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