Mobile Network-MIMO Communications Hatch-Mount Kit for C-130s

DoD and FAA certified for MC 130H and MC 130J variants, the hatch-mount kit allows end users to change aircraft at any time without losing airborne communications and networking capabilities By DA Reporter / 20 May 2022
Silvus Roll On/Roll Off Mobile Network-MIMO Communications Hatch-Mount Kit for C-130s
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Silvus Technologies and R4 Integration have launched a new Roll On/Roll Off (RO/RO) Mobile Network-MIMO Airborne Communications hatch-mount kit for C-130 aircraft, the first tactical MIMO radio hatch mount on the market.

Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified for MC 130H and MC 130J variants, the RO/RO hatch-mount kit is a turnkey, cost efficient in-route communications package supporting the Special Operations community. 

The unique stand-alone solution requires no modification to the aircraft and can be quickly re-deployed from one aircraft to another depending on mission requirements.

Silvus’ StreamCaster 4400 Enhanced Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) radio comes as part of the package. With 20 Watts of native transmit power (80 Watts effective due to a 6-decibel signal boost from Silvus’ proprietary Transmit Eigen Beamforming), the system is capable of establishing air-to-air and air-to-ground datalinks at distances well beyond 100 miles. The system supports dual S and C bands without swapping hardware and includes Spectrum Dominance waveform enhancements to provide users with interference avoidance, interference cancellation, spectrum analysis, and LPI/LPD capabilities.

“Working closely with the industry’s leading technology solution providers and side-by-side with the warfighter, R4 has quickly developed, integrated, and fielded the Silvus SC4400E MANET radio into an Ultra Lightweight Roll-On/Roll-Off C-130 Solution that met and exceeded customer expectations,” said John Parsley, President of R4 Integration, Inc. “This close collaboration and working relationship with key stakeholders has allowed us to rapidly increase the warfighters’ communications-on-the-move capability and demonstrate a proven, battle-ready solution.”

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