Life-Raft Deployment Capability for Maritime Unmanned Aerial System

TEKEVER has added a new life-saving capability to the maritime patrol version of its TEKEVER AR5 UAS, with eight-person life rafts that can be precision-dropped to aid people in distress By Sarah Simpson / 15 Sep 2021
Life-Raft Deployment Capability for Maritime Unmanned Aerial System
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TEKEVER’s AR5 Lifesaver onboard system can detect, identify and locate people in the water, and then precisely calculate the optimal drop-point and re-route the aircraft without human intervention, enabling the life-raft to be deployed at a close enough, but safe, distance. The system automatically considers weather conditions and flight plan restrictions, allowing the Lifesaver to be easily used in a wide range of situations.

This new capability has been fully proven and demonstrated during multiple search and rescue exercises over the Atlantic Ocean and will already be delivered under upcoming contracts in Europe and Africa.

TEKEVER CEO Ricardo Mendes explained; “We’ve consistently and successfully tested the AR5’s new Lifesaver capability, by deploying life rafts with very high precision in a fully automated process. This new capability, that will already be available in upcoming contracts, allows us to provide a first response in emergency situations. For the first time, and beyond detecting people in distress, we can now immediately do something to help them. This directly supports our mission of making the sea safer. ”

TEKEVER provides UAS technology and services to of some of most prestigious and demanding institutions in the world, including the United Kingdom’s Home Office, and the European Space and Maritime Safety Agencies.

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