Large Loitering Munition Completes Successful Live Fire Tests

The ALTIUS-700M from Anduril, which offers up to 100 miles of range and 75 minutes of flight time, has demonstrated direct hits across six missions during its first end-to-end live fire test By Abi Wylie / 20 Mar 2024
Large Loitering Munition Completes Successful Live Fire Tests
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Anduril Industries’ ALTIUS-700M has demonstrated flawless system performance — with direct hits across six missions — during the first end-to-end live fire test for ALTIUS-700M at Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah.

ALTIUS-700M brings unmatched payload capacity to the loitering munitions market, combining multi-domain launch, proven collaborative autonomy, and category-leading range with a larger, penetrating warhead to kill or disable armored targets and infrastructure. 

The September event in Utah was the first opportunity for Anduril engineers to test the ALTIUS-700M with a live warhead. Following previous trials of subsystems and inert system testing, the system was integrated and fully-tested for the first time from launch to successful delivery of effects on target. 

Alongside Department of Defense partners, the ALTIUS-700M team successfully completed all test objectives and proved that the system was accurate and effective against the chosen target set.

ALTIUS is a family of highly-configurable, modular, and multi-platform launched effects designed for expeditionary deployment by air, ground, or maritime forces for a variety of missions. It can be configured to perform intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeting (ISR&T); communications relay; cyber warfare; or kinetic strike. 

With industry-leading loitering time, extended range, and modular and open hardware and software architectures, ALTIUS is a comprehensive family of launched effects designed to collaborate to enable simultaneous mission execution to achieve complex mission objectives. 

ALTIUS has demonstrated its category-leading performance across deployments ranging from hurricane data collection to active battlefields, as well as through a series of test events, demonstrations, and exercises.

ALTIUS-700M brings category-leading payload capacity to the loitering munitions market. With a munition payload capacity of up to 33 pounds – comparable to an AGM-114 Hellfire missile – 700M delivers highly-precise, devastating strikes on large and armored targets, including tanks, vehicles, vessels, and infrastructure. 

With significant payload mass, high terminal velocity, and optional delayed fuze payload configurations, 700M can easily penetrate target walls to deliver maximum effect on armored targets. ALTIUS-700M offers up to 100 miles of range and 75 minutes of flight time, providing warfighters with longer standoff distance and increased loitering time on-station to locate targets and deliver kinetic effects.

ALTIUS-700M builds on the success of the broader ALTIUS family of systems. ALTIUS-M (600M and 700M) leverage a mature common software baseline and open system architecture to integrate with a range of payloads and mission software suites. By combining advanced autonomy capabilities with a simplified user interface, a single operator is able to control multiple ALTIUS simultaneously, with each asset tasked with a unique mission based on its individual payload capability. 

700M ensures that the operator maintains decisive control over tasking and terminal execution, delivering devastating effects at extreme ranges without the constraints of laser target designation or the repercussions of fire and forget.

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