L58 Extended Range Charge Technology for US Army

American Rheinmetall Munitions is on contract to prototype an artillery extended range charge for firing munitions out of a L58 length 155mm artillery cannon By DA Staff / 05 Sep 2022
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Rheinmetall subsidiary American Rheinmetall Munitions Inc., has been awarded a US Army contract for the provision of prototype artillery Extended Range Charge (ERC) technology for firing munitions out of a L58 length 155mm artillery cannon. 

According to Rheinmetall, this ERC increases ranges achieved from US Army 155mm munitions by approximately 10% over any other artillery propellant currently fielded. It builds upon a successful cooperative research and development effort with the Army for L39 and L52 versions of the 155mm ERC. 

“American Rheinmetall Munitions continues to bring innovative technologies into the hands of our US Joint Forces,” said American Rheinmetall Munitions CEO, John Somich. “Together with our Rheinmetall affiliates at Nitrochemie, we will introduce a propellant technology that is unlike any other in existence in the US today, providing US Army soldiers a decisive edge in deterring and defeating adversaries.”

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