ISV Completes Off-Road Tests in UAE

GM Defense's Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) completes off-and on-road tests in complex terrain, traveling nearly 2,000 kilometers across highways, sand dunes, soft sand tracks and rocky walls By Joseph Macey / 11 Mar 2024
GM Defense Completes UAE Armed Forces Summer Trials
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GM Defense’s Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) completed the 2023 UAE Armed Forces Summer Trials.

Held over several days and hosted by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) General Maintenance Corps, Summer Trials evaluate whether vehicles can meet the technical and tactical needs of UAE Armed Forces and other regional countries. The UAE continues its evaluation post-vehicle exercise to officially recognize completion status.

The ISV received certification of completion stating the vehicle successfully passed Summer Trials following both phases of evaluation.

GM Defense’s ISV completed all phases of the Summer Trials, which included traveling nearly 2,000 kilometers across highways, sand dunes, soft sand tracks and rocky walls. The phases, which include continuous driving with maximum payload capacities, are designed to test vehicle capability in rugged combat conditions, including extreme climate and diverse terrain.

In addition to the mobility trials, the ISV completed the Maintenance Trial, which included two days of field repairs testing, and maintenance and recovery evaluation to help potential customers assess ease of repairs and sustainability. 

“This was GM Defense’s first time sending a vehicle to UAE Summer Trials, and our successful completion is a testament to the strength of our ISV and to the expertise and dedication of our team,” said Steve duMont, GM Defense President. “Through completion of all phases, we’ve demonstrated that we can successfully leverage the advanced technologies of our parent company, General Motors, to deliver a highly capable off-road vehicle that can meet the needs of defense and government customers in the UAE and throughout the region. Our Summer Trial achievements are a key step forward in our planned growth in the region as we seek to offer the ISV and its variants to this important customer base.”

“Our completion of Summer Trials is a tremendous accomplishment for the ISV program and will give defense and government customers in the region great confidence in the capabilities GM Defense can deliver to meet mission requirements,” added Bradley Watters, Vice President of International Business Development. “I was on the ground with other ISV team members, supporting the vehicle as it traveled in deep soft sand, hard-packed surfaces and over rocks, successfully completing eight consecutive days of testing in extreme heat (132 degrees Fahrenheit/56 degrees Celsius). Completing all phases of the mobility and maintenance trial will help open the doors to new growth in the Emirates.”

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