HENSOLDT Supplying All-Round Vision System for KNDS’ Howitzer

A total of 54 howitzers, owned by Germany's KNDS, will be equipped with HENSOLDT's See Through Armour System (SETAS), a high-performance day and night observation system for armored vehicles By Joseph Macey / 08 Mar 2024
HENSOLDT Supplies All-Round Vision System for Self-Propelled Wheeled Howitzer
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HENSOLDT has sold its all-round vision system SETAS (See Through Armour System) to Germany’s KNDS. 

The order comprises a total of 54 units and is valued in the double-digit million range. SETAS will be integrated into the customer’s RCH 155 self-propelled artillery gun.  

SETAS is a high-performance day and night observation system for armored vehicles. The high-resolution electro-optical vision system gives every crew member the opportunity to obtain full visual situational awareness 360 degrees around the vehicle from inside the vehicle. Threats within their radius of action can be reliably identified and classified at an early stage. The modular system comprises two high-performance sensor systems: high-resolution color daylight cameras and uncooled thermal imaging cameras

In a further configuration step, the observation capabilities of SETAS can be enhanced with integrated automatic image processing functions such as Moving Target Indication (MTI), object tracking and other modes. This makes it easier for the crew to cope with the large amount of image data for personal 360-degree situational awareness. Thanks to its modularity and open interface architecture (NGVA-compliant), this observation system can be easily integrated into any new or existing vehicle.  The interface allows full integration or standalone operation by supporting any type of HMI (standard or smart display, smart glasses, tablet, etc.).

Using a helmet-mounted display as an HMI, a crew member inside the vehicle can practically see through the armor and thus achieve the same orientation as when observing “from above”. Intelligent software algorithms automatically warn the crew if a potentially threatening movement is detected in the vicinity of the vehicle. SETAS can be installed as a stand-alone system, providing crews of both legacy platforms and new systems with significantly increased situational awareness. 

“With the initial integration, we are equipping our customer and the user with a revolutionary sensor solution in the field of all-round visibility,” said Tanya Altmann, Head of Optronics & Land Solutions at HENSOLDT. “The system will realize its full potential when it is connected to the vehicle network and the battle management system and provides crew members with the best possible information sovereignty using AI-supported sensor fusion. With this launching customer, HENSOLDT is therefore consistently continuing its growth path as a solution provider.”

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