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Greensea IQ Demonstrates Autonomous EOD Mission

Greensea IQ demonstrated the autonomous explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) mission for the US Navy and Defense Innovation Unit, using ocean robots to make the neutralization of subsea threats safer and scalable By Joseph Macey / 06 Dec 2023
Greensea IQ Demonstrates Autonomous Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mission for US Navy and Defense Innovation Unit
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Greensea IQ is the first to successfully complete a demonstration of a prototype Autonomous EOD Maritime Response Vehicle (AEMRV) for the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) and US Navy.

Utilizing the advanced capabilities of OPENSEA Edge, the system provides the computing resources needed to power edge perception systems and advanced autonomous behaviors of EOD Workspace, allowing human-on-the-loop autonomy and untethered command and control over the ROV platform.

The demonstration took place over several days in September in the open ocean off the coast of San Diego, featuring a fully integrated OPENSEA Edge-driven untethered ROV, a VideoRay MSS Defender modified by Greensea IQ to include batteries and an acoustic modem. During the demonstration real world tasks were demonstrated by autonomously searching the environment for threats utilizing acoustic communications.

This groundbreaking demonstration highlighted the autonomy system for EOD Workspace, Greensea IQ’s robot agnostic software platform for Mine Countermeasure (MCM) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operations. It also showcased Safe C2, Greensea IQ’s communication platform for long-range standoff command and control of autonomous ocean robots, both integrated within the OPENSEA Edge modular, hardware-agnostic system.

Ben Kinnaman, CEO of Greensea IQ, said; “Autonomous intervention technology is the key to increasing our persistence in the ocean, and for making the work we do there safer and more effective. There is no better example of this technology at work than what we have demonstrated to the US Navy and DIU. This software package will make the neutralization of subsea threats safer and scalable using ocean robots.”

Kinnaman added; “Working with the Defense Innovation Unit has been amazing. DIU has leaned in hard on finding an urgent solution for subsea threat intervention. This program has combined the rigors of engineering with the possibilities of emerging technologies through a program that is equal parts contracting and venture funding to field a prototype in a very short amount of time.”

Greensea IQ has worked under contract with the DIU since 2021 to develop a fully autonomous and untethered software platform for ROVs used in MCM and EOD operations. This exercise was the final demonstration of the successful prototype delivered to the US Navy for further evaluation.

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