Fox Tactical Utility Vehicle Officially Launched at DSEI

Based on the Toyota LC79 platform, the Fox TUV by Jankel provides users with a proven, robust and reliable base platform that benefits from global logistic support By Sarah Simpson / 16 Sep 2021
Fox Tactical Utility Vehicle Officially Launched at DSEI
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Jankel, a world-leader in the design and manufacture of high-specification defense, security and NGO protection systems, has launched a new Tactical Utility Vehicle (TUV) variant as an addition to their “Fox” Toyota-based tactical vehicle line up.

Adding to the features of the Toyota LC79 base platform, the Fox TUV has been designed to meet a suite of specialist user requirements and standards that make it an ideal choice for anyone wanting to operate a tactical support vehicle alongside an in-service Toyota based tactical fleet.

Officially launched at DSEi, The Fox TUV has already been fielded in-service with a number of undisclosed customers globally and represents the best in class for a closed architecture utility platform of this type. The TUV is a modular design certified for NATO air transport.

Also on display in this new Fox TUV variant at DSEi is a concept demonstrator fully electric conversion of the platform, replacing the original internal combustion engine with a complete battery electric drive solution. The concept demonstrator is being tested to prove out the future potential platform upgrade to hybrid and or electric drive, to give customers forward thinking options for electrification when required.

The Fox TUV is one of a family of Tactical Vehicles that includes the Fox RRV, LRPV and LUV plus the recently developed 6×6 variant that benefits from increased payload and capacity, whilst maintaining the mobility and tactical fighting capability of the well-proven 4×4 configurations. There are already over 250 of the Fox tactical vehicle family in service across the globe and the TUV adds flexibility and capability to those fleets.

Sam Foreman, Head of Sales and Marketing at Jankel said: “Our recently announced UK production capability puts us in an ideal place to run variants of our Fox family off the UK production line, including the TUV. We see Fox as an ideal and forward thinking replacement for any defense procurement authority seeking to supersede an out of date Land Rover tactical fleet, delivering immediate proven reliability, capability and value for money.”

The official launch coincides with DSEI London 14-17 September, where Jankel are exhibiting on stand H4-580.

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