Stabilized Platforms for Military Use: Radar, Antennas, LiDAR, UAV & Patients

Extreme Stabilization Accuracy for Military Applications

STABLE’s algorithms reach accuracy up to 99% paving the way for military applications demanding precision stabilization By Sarah Simpson / 28 Feb 2023
Extreme Stabilization Accuracy for Military Applications
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The implementation of regulation algorithms by self-leveling platform manufacturer STABLE, paves the way for military applications demanding precision accuracy.

Reaching stabilization accuracy up to 99 % meets requirements from applications that demand extreme accuracy and opens opportunities for new use-cases within the Radar-, Lidar-, VSAT- and Sensor segment, as well as improving existing military applications such as drone and UAS platforms.

Improving quality of data and increasing the weather window leads to enhanced profits, reduced expenses, and improved operating efficiencies for end users and keeps STABLE at the forefront of challenging stabilization use-cases on land and at sea.

STABLE has been challenged by several clients pursuing use-cases with short roll periods (e.g., up to 0,5-1Hz). Within such frequency areas, the regulation process is seriously impacted by delays, noise, or environmental disturbances. By combining sensors, optimizing filters, and creating new algorithms,

STABLE has stepped up from 90 % roll/pitch suppression up to 99 % for specific use- cases. The illustration below shows data captured from an actual platform stabilization, boat movements (blue) of +/- 11 degrees roll and 6 sec roll period, and the remaining movements of the STABLE platform +/- 0,15 degrees roll (orange).

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