Capability Upgrade on U.S. Marine Corps KC-130J

Lockheed Martin's upgraded Super Hercules aircraft includes improved navigational performance, a modernized cockpit, and a self-protection system that addresses obsolescence issues and improves survivability By DA Staff / 11 May 2021
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The Tactical Airlift Program Office (PMA-207) accepted delivery of the 60th Lockheed Martin KC-130J aircraft in March. The aircraft have undergone numerous adaptations since entering Marine Corps service in September 2000.

Outfitted with the Block 8.1 updated cockpit and AN/AAQ-24 DoN Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasure (DoN LAIRCM). The aircraft will become part of Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron (VMGR) 252 at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina.

The Block 8.1 cockpit upgrade includes a new flight management system that complies with Communications, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management mandates. It also includes enhanced GPS capabilities, improved communications systems, and improvements to the KC-130J’s friend-or-foe identification technology.

The addition of DoN LAIRCM, a laser-based self-protection system designed to defend against surface-to-air infrared missile threats, increases survivability of the aircraft and crew in the event of an airborne attack.

“Both these systems increase the aircraft’s combat effectiveness to perform the KC-130J core mission essential tasking,” said Navy Captain Steve Nassau, PMA-207 program manager. “The KC-130J is a global workhorse, and the Block 8.1 upgrade clears the path for the aircraft to have world-wide access, while the DoN LAIRCM allows the aircraft to operate under expanded threat environments.”

“Our team has worked hard to make sure the Marine Corps is ready to utilize and support this aircraft,” said Joanna Sockoloskie, PMA-207 KC-130J integrated product team lead. “We have been involved from the start and it is our mission to ensure our Marines have the latest and finest equipment available.”

The Marine Corps will receive the remaining 26 aircraft over the next five years, reaching their Program of Record 86 KC-130Js.

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