Advanced Target Acquisition Radars for Armored Fighting Vehicle Fleet

Integrated with the defensive capabilities of the Armored Fighting Vehicles fleet, Blighter Surveillance Systems’ B400 series target acquisition radars will provide long-range targeting capability for the weapons system By DA Staff / 29 Jul 2021
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Blighter Surveillance Systems has been selected to provide a minimum of 25 target acquisition radars for a fleet of Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs).

The initial contract with an undisclosed European defense company will last for approximately 3-5 years, with the possibility to extend and provide a minimum of another 60 radars.

Blighter B400 series target acquisition radars, which will be integrated with the defensive capabilities of the AFV fleet, provide long-range targeting capability for the weapons system and are already in use across the world.

The B400 radars are designed to fit fixed, mobile and portable applications. With extensive defensive and offensive capabilities, the vehicles will be dependent on the accuracy of the target acquisition radars to achieve full operational effectiveness.

“In an increasingly kinetic environment it is essential that armed forces personnel have full situational awareness and tracking capabilities,” said Angus Hone, CEO of Blighter Surveillance Systems.

“Blighter is uniquely positioned to provide the versatile system that is required for this role and pleased to now extend our products to this new and innovative program of AFVs”.

Blighter is due to exhibit its range of electronic-scanning ground surveillance, coastline security, drone security and target acquisition radars at the upcoming DSEI exhibition in London.

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