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Mission-Critical Power & Lighting Solutions for Sustainable Military Operations

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Mission-Critical Power & Lighting Solutions for Sustainable Military Operations
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ZeroAlpha Solutions is a pioneer in the development of tactical power and lighting technologies for sustainable military operations. We provide mission-critical solutions to the UK and European defence and security markets, enabling governments to meet Net Zero objectives and allowing commanders and units to operate with reduced deployment and logistical footprints and enhanced energy options.

Hybrid Energy Systems

tactical hybrid energy systemsOur FOBGrid tactical hybrid energy systems are designed to provide sustained and silent AC or DC power for forward-deployed troops and facilities in austere environments with minimal infrastructure. Ruggedized and engineered to a range of military specifications, the compact units feature built-in battery management systems and can be re-energised from a variety of external sources, including 12/24V vehicle supplies, AC, and solar and wind power.

These proven systems have been certified for air transportation and are currently in service around the world with NATO members.

More information: Tactical Hybrid Energy Systems

Tactical Lighting Solutions

The FOBLite range of rapidly-deployable tactical lighting systems is designed to reduce both the energy consumption and logistical footprint of early-entry missions. With SWaP-optimized designs and significantly lowered thermal and acoustic signatures, the robust lighting systems can be powered by standard in-service radio batteries and have been engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

FOBLite tactical lighting solutions are available in a variety of form factors:

low swap tactical lighting

FOBLite HQ – low-SWaP lighting for field headquarters and other fixed and semi-fixed infrastructure, featuring green and white LED options and powered by either AC or DC sources

portable tactical lighting system

FOBLite 360 – portable system with integrated energy storage and over 12,000 lumens of adjustable output, providing 360-degree area lighting, directional floodlighting, long-distance spot lighting or a combination of all three

AC powered portable lighting solution

FOBLite 360 MAX – 120 or 240V AC powered portable system, with up to 85,000 lumen output and smart energy transfer system for daisy chaining of multiple systems

More information: Tactical Lighting Solutions

IRIS Technology Tactical Power Solutions

We are the exclusive supplier of IRIS Technology’s tactical power products to the UK and European defence and security markets.

IRIS Merlin Radio Power Adapters can convert power input from a variety of AC and DC sources, including conformal batteries and solar panels, and can be used to run not only radios but other electronic systems such as tactical laptops. The rugged adapters are hot-swappable and can serve as a UPS during battery exchange, and feature automatic configuration for ease of use under any conditions.

The IRIS product line includes:

Merlin Handheld Radio Power Adapter

Merlin Handheld Radio Power Adapter – simultaneously powers the attached radio and charges the battery, while also delivering auxiliary power for other user devices and peripheral gear

Merlin Manpack Radio Power Adapter

Merlin Manpack Radio Power Adapter – power source for single and dual radio systems and other ancillary equipment, with hot-swap capabilities

Merlin Tactical Power Managers

Merlin Tactical Power Managers – UPS and power management for a wide variety of field equipment, taking input from DC, AC and solar sources

Portable Energy System

SPACES 2 Portable Energy System – uninterruptible power management and distribution system for battery charging and tactical equipment

Vulture Power Scavenger

Vulture Power Scavenger – can be powered by any DC source from 5 to 46V, delivers up to 5A at 16.8V, and seamlessly integrates into the US Army Nett Warrior System

ZeroAlpha Power Solutions

We have designed a range of rugged products designed to support modern tactical energy requirements for dismounted soldier, vehicle, and on-base applications, including:

Auxiliary Power Module

MRZR Auxiliary Power Module – provides Polaris MRZR vehicles with the ability to support DC-powered mission systems such as EO/IR, counter-UAS, RWS and SIGINT, delivering up to 100A peak power at 25.6V 

4-Port USB Adapter

4-Port USB Adapter – extracts energy from in-service **90 batteries for rapid powering of USB devices

300w DC-AC IP65 Rugged Inverter

Rugged 300W Inverter – rugged IP65-rated DC to AC conversion for computers and other equipment, with robust filtering and shutdown protection

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