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3D Monitors & Workstations for Mission Planning, Data Visualization & Virtual Simulation

Schneider Digital
3D Monitors & Workstations for Mission Planning, Data Visualization & Virtual Simulation
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Schneider Digital is a leading developer and provider of advanced hardware solutions for 4K, 3D and AR/VR (augmented reality/virtual reality) display applications.

Our portfolio of innovative products includes solutions such as 3D stereo monitors, high-performance computing and rendering workstations, and 3D input devices. These products are ideal for a number of applications such as mission planning, visualization of military geospatial and GIS data captured by manned and unmanned aircraft, virtual simulation environments and more.

The list of defense industry figures that have utilized Schneider solutions is extensive, and includes BAE Systems, Trimble, and Esri. In addition to this, we have also been certified by the German Federal Institute for IT Security (BSI) and the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

3D PluraView Monitors

Stereoscopic monitors for 3D mission planning, photogrammetry and geointelligence

3D PluraView stereoscopic display monitors provide unique capabilities for modelling and geospatial applications, with passively polarized 3D technology providing the highest user acceptance of any 3D display technology on the market. Flicker-free, daylight-usable, stereoscopic displays allow long-term usage with maximum comfort and less potential for fatigue.

Featuring beamsplitter technology, these 3D monitors incorporate two screens, a semi-transparent mirror and a pair of lightweight passively polarized stereo glasses to deliver Full HD, 2.5K or 4K imagery to each eye. A wide viewing angle makes it easy for teams to work together at a single workstation.

3D PluraView Monitors for military applications

3D PluraView monitors are available in 3 sizes; 22" (Full HD), 24" (Full HD), 27" (2.5K) and 28" (4K/UHD) sizes. NVIDIA Quadro, AMD FirePRO and AMD RadeonPRO graphics cards are all supported, as well as built-in plug-and-play compatibility with Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Suited to displaying, navigating and editing a wide range of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) data, military applications for the 3D PluraView family is include:

  • Military operations planning
  • Remote sensing for UXO (unexploded ordnance) detection and clearance
  • Satellite imagery analysis
  • 3D terrain mapping
  • 3D building modelling for special forces training and deployment
  • Visualization of LiDAR point clouds

High-Performance 3D Workstations

Workstations for 3D rendering & data processing

Expertly-built custom hardware solutions for professional 3D graphics rendering applications. Incorporating the latest insights and state-of-the-art industry knowledge, 3D rendering and modelling workstations by Schneider Digital are developed through close collaboration with hardware and software developers, research institutes and professional users.


All hardware components are specifically chosen and balanced in order to support optimal processing of larger image data volumes, as well as loading and visualizing the results on a stereoscopic 3D display. In order keep your workstations at the cutting edge of technology for the long term, we also offer flexible upgrade options that allow you to stay as current as possible.

Ideal for a wide range of 3D rendering applications our 3D workstations are well suited to virtual simulation and training environments, terrain and building modelling, and LiDAR data visualization.

Capabilities include:

  • The latest Intel® Xeon®, AMD EPYC™ or AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processor technology
  • Up to four high-end graphics cards in one workstation for CUDA or OpenCL applications
  • Up to 8 TB fast DDR-4 ECC memory
  • High-performance RAID with up to 12 GB/s transfer rate (SAS 3.0 technology), high-speed SSD (Solid State Disks) up to 10 TB memory on request
  • Optional ultra-fast 10Gb LAN for connection to file servers
  • Server and cluster solutions available

3D Mouse

3D measurement & data editing handheld controller

Suited to any application that requires precision capturing or editing of data from stereo imagery and point clouds, the 3D Stealth Mouse is an ergonomic, lightweight handheld controller. The Stealth provides unparalleled convenience and ease of use for photogrammetry, 3D modelling, LiDAR applications and more through its ten programmable buttons and 33 programmable functions.

stealth 3d mouse

All buttons are rated at 10 million cycles to maximize lifespan and the 3D Stealth Mouse is supported by all major photogrammetry software applications. State-of-the-art design delivers fast, high-precision tracking and planar positioning on all non-reflective surfaces, with a high-resolution wheel for accurate Z-pointing.

Graphics Cards

Professional graphics cards for stereoscopic applications and parallel processing

We provide a range of high-end graphics cards with multiple outputs for stereo-capable software applications, and are also highly experienced in configuring solutions to meet our customers' unique requirements. Featuring advanced Quad-Buffer technology, these cards enable a range of features for enhanced user-friendliness, flexibility and productivity, including:

  • Arranging monoscopic application menus, documents or open web browser tabs along with stereoscopic content on the monitor at the same time
  • Displaying multiple stereo windows at different sizes
  • Allowing multiple stereoscopic applications to be active at the same time

Many graphics cards can also be stacked within a workstation, allowing you to take advantage of parallel GPU processing for massive datasets, and unlocking applications such as AI and neural network-based object recognition and feature extraction.

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