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DSP-3000 Fiber Optic Gyroscope Robust Low-Cost FOG Sensor (Non-ITAR)
DSP-3000 Fiber Optic Gyroscope

Robust Low-Cost FOG Sensor (Non-ITAR)

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DSP-3000 Fiber Optic Gyroscope

The DSP-3000 is the workhorse of EMCORE’s single-axis FOG series, offering field-proven performance for a range of defense applications. Its compact, robust design, coupled with versatile output options (analog, digital, and digital RS-232), makes it an ideal solution for guidance and stabilization, low-cost IMUs, integrated GPS/INS, and AHRS systems.

The DSP-3000 is engineered to meet the demands of military and aerospace applications, providing exceptional precision, reliability, and versatility for a wide range of critical guidance and stabilization tasks.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Low Noise: Utilizing EMCORE’s mature all-fiber optical circuit for exceptionally low Angle Random Walk (ARW)
  • High Precision: EMCORE’s proprietary E•Core™ polarization-maintaining fiber ensures superior performance
  • Compact Design: Modular design housed in a package roughly the size of a deck of playing cards
  • Versatile Output Options: Available with analog, digital, and RS-232 outputs

Technology Highlights:

  • Advanced DSP Technology: Improves FOG performance in scale factor, bias stability, and maximum input rate, eliminating temperature-sensitive drift and rotation errors.
  • Covered by multiple patents, including U.S. Patent #6,429,939 for DSP signal processing.

Feature Options:

  • DSP-3100 Variant: High-speed RS-422 interface with 1000 Hz asynchronous output
  • DSP-3400 Variant: True RS-422 interface with 1000 Hz synchronous output in a durable, shielded package


  • Single-Axis FOG: Modular design adaptable for 1, 2, or 3-axis configurations
  • Performance: 1˚ per hour accuracy
  • Exceptional Stability: Minimal temperature and power-up errors, with excellent bias stability and scale factor linearity
  • Reliability: >55,000 hours MTBF (Ground Mobile)


  • Antenna/Radar/Optics Stabilization: Ensures accurate targeting and communication
  • Gun/Turret Stabilization: Enhances targeting accuracy and reliability
  • IMU and GPS/INS Integration: Critical for advanced navigation systems
  • AHRS Integration: Essential for precise attitude and heading reference systems