Universal Robotic Control Capabilities for UK MoD’s Human Machine Teaming Project

Tomahawk Robotics will provides its Grip S20 controller and Kinesis software to unify disparate autonomous systems for team collaboration enhanced by artificial intelligence By DA Staff / 24 Feb 2023
Tomahawk Robotics - Grip S20 Controller
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In collaboration with Rowden Technologies, Tomahawk Robotics will provide its universal command and control technology and products for the UK’s Army Future Capabilities Group (FCG) Human Machine Teaming (HMT) tactical uncrewed systems fleet program.

The objective of the HMT project is to deliver a Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS)-enhanced light Brigade Combat Team (BCT) by 2025 in order to enhance capabilities, generate greater capacity, cut reaction time, and reduce risk to personnel. 

Tomahawk Robotics and Rowden will enable the RAS-enhanced light BCT to share, exploit actionable data, and ensure the Army has both the technical and tactical advantage over its adversaries.

Tomahawk Robotics’ Grip S20 controller, KxM edge processor, and MxC-Mini datalinks, combined with the company’s Kinesis software, are built to work within the HMT’s uncrewed systems and tactical network and unify disparate autonomous systems for team collaboration enhanced by powerful AI. 

Tomahawk and Rowden will initially provide 30 complete Kinesis Ecosystem kits consisting of AI-enabled common control software and tactical hardware for use with the UK’s HMT program. Additionally, Tomahawk will provide the Kinesis Software Development Kit (SDK) which will allow Rowden engineers to integrate new robotic platforms and custom capabilities specific to the UK Ministry of Defence with the Kinesis Ecosystem.

“Our Kinesis common control system is designed to reduce the Soldier’s cognitive burden and enable the operator to focus on the mission at hand by providing clear mission data from connected UxVs,” said International Business Development Manager, Jack Humphrey. “We constantly strive to deliver the best capability and can integrate third-party AI to support enhanced decision-making and situational awareness. HMT provides a great opportunity to develop further collaborative relationships.”

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