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Refurbishment Program for Military Working Dog Accommodation

The rolling refurbishment program from G3 Systems will see the UK MoD’s Tactical Containerized Dog Accommodation (TCDA) undergo extensive improvements, including a winterization modification for protection in extreme weather By William Mackenzie / 13 Jun 2024
Refurbishment Program for Military Working Dog Accommodation
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G3 Systems has announced a rolling refurbishment program to extend the working life of the Tactical Containerized Dog Accommodation (TCDA) used by the UK MoD’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) agency.

The TCDA will be refurbished for used by the 1st Military Working Dogs (MWD) Regiment based at St Georges Barracks, North Luffenham, Rutland. 

In addition to basic refurbishment and compliance work, this new program of works includes the addition of a winterization modification, to enhance the dog’s protection from the extremes of weather during winter months. 

The operationally proven TCDA capability from G3 Systems was first delivered into service in 2008, functioning as an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) to accommodate search dogs operating in the extreme conditions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

As the Military Working Dog capability expanded, and with an ever-increasing IED threat in theatre, a further 12 TCDA systems were rapidly procured and delivered into service in 2011.  

All the TCDA systems were initially permanently deployed in Afghanistan until they were returned to the UK in 2014 for use on future operations. On their return, the TCDA were refurbished by G3 Systems prior to their relocation for use at North Luffenham, by 1st MWD Regiment. Since then, the TCDA capability has remained in full operational use in the home base, deployed on various operations and are now maintained at readiness to deploy at short notice as required.   

This year DE&S, under the Amphora contract, have engaged G3 Systems to complete a more extensive refurbishment and improvement program for 22 TCDA units to further extend the life of the capability. 

G3 Systems assert that this demonstrates the extreme robustness of its solution, and highlights the importance users place on the quality and durability of the bespoke design.

Nick Rose, Managing Director of G3 Systems, commented; “G3 Systems have a long history of providing high quality, robust and rapidly deployable containerised solutions to UK Defence, US DoD and UK Met Police and we are very proud of the fact that our work not only supports our troops (including working dogs) but also stands the test of time in the harshest of environments.” 

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