Personal MANET Solution for Tactical Teams Released

CreoHub an innovative personal MANET radio solution designed exclusively for tactical teams by Creomagic will be introduced at Enforce Tac 2024 By Sarah Simpson / 23 Feb 2024
Personal MANET Solution for Tactical Teams
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Creomagic Ltd., a global leader in wireless communication solutions will showcase CreoHub, an advanced personal radio device that acts as a fortress of connectivity engineered to support secure, immune, and intelligent communication for tactical units engaged in modern warfare and complex security operations.

CreoHub unique capabilities address the critical challenges of spectrum scarcity, electronic warfare, and seamless integration of autonomous systems within tactical frameworks.

In the rapidly evolving arenas of combat and security, the need for a resilient communication system to counter emerging threats has become increasingly crucial.

CreoHub advanced radio capabilities establish secure and resilient networks ensuring robust connectivity even in the most contested and challenging environments.

CreoHub encapsulates our vision for a seamless, secure, and intelligent communication ecosystem, specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of tactical units,” remarks Alex Shapochnik, Creomagic Co-Founder and CEO. “It represents our relentless pursuit of innovation, providing tactical teams with a decisive edge in operational areas.”

Equipped with cutting-edge antennas technology, Cognitive-Radio methodologies, and powered by Artificial Intelligence, CreoHub secures a dominant position in the field by ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and high data transfer rates under any condition.

Its advanced waveform technology and adaptive networks are tailored to maintain operational continuity and resilience, proving indispensable for mission success.

Operational feedback from tactical experts underscores CreoHub’s critical role in transforming tactical communication landscapes, presenting a new era of mission efficiency and security.

Creomagic will showcase CreoHub at Enforce Tac, Nurnberg, Germany, 26-28 February 2024, Hall 7A Booth 338e.

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