New Decoy Launchers Enhance Protection for Navy Warships Against Drones & Missiles

New trainable countermeasure launcher systems are set to be installed throughout the Royal Navy’s fleet on Type 26 and Type 31 frigates, and Type 45 destroyers, under the £135 million contract By William Mackenzie / 04 Apr 2024
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Royal Navy ships are set to be outfitted with Trainable Decoy Launchers as countermeasures for missile and drone threats, enhancing the long-term availability and resilience of UK warships. 

Trainable Decoy Launchers for Royal Navy Frigates & Destroyers

The Trainable Decoy Launchers use advanced decoy launcher technology enabling a decoy to be rapidly deployed against modern missile threats, optimizing maneuverability and providing warships the capability to defend themselves without the need to alter course.  

The launcher can fire a range of countermeasures, including chaff, flares and ‘corner reflector’ rounds to target hostile missiles. The acquisition of these launchers comes as new missile and drone technology creates greater threats to fleets, which the latest decoy launchers will assist in countering. 

The £135 million contract, procured by Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S), was awarded to SEA and will see a fully UK-designed and built solution. SEA have partnered with Chess Dynamics and Frazer-Nash Consultancy (FNC) to deliver the product.   

“In a time of global instability, it is vital we protect the Royal Navy in the best possible way to ensure national security,” stated James Cartlidge, Minister for Defence Procurement.

“With recent attacks towards HMS Diamond and HMS Richmond in the Red Sea, it’s crucial our sailors have the latest technology to best defend themselves and the fleet. The new Trainable Decoy Launcher technology is an improvement on speed and agility and highlights more excellent work from UK companies in backing UK defence.”

Managing Director of SEA, Richard Flitton, commented; “Being awarded a contract of this nature demonstrates the Royal Navy’s trust in SEA which is based on our proven track record of delivering, upgrading, and sustaining high-end maritime capabilities over many years.

“The knowledge and maritime domain expertise within our UK-based team has enabled our long-standing partnership with the Royal Navy, and we’re delighted that this will allow us to support the UK’s defensive capabilities against modern and complex naval threats.”

Andy Start, DE&S CEO, added; “This contract is an excellent example of how dedicated DE&S teams work with our partners in industry and across defence to deliver innovative and agile equipment to our Armed Forces that can be upgraded to keep pace with ever-evolving threats.”

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