Mercury RES X08 Launched for Aerospace & Defense Missions

Mercury Systems has announced its next-generation rugged edge servers, RES X08, delivering improvements such as a 15% improved power efficiency and 50% increased memory bandwidth By Joseph Macey / 31 Jan 2023
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Mercury Systems, Inc. has announced its next-generation rugged edge servers, featuring 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, that will accelerate compute-intensive edge workloads and drive faster insights for critical aerospace and defense missions.

According to Mercury, its new RES X08 servers support low-latency PCIe 5.0 fabrics, powerhouse NVIDIA H100 GPUs, 400 Gbps network cards, high-speed DDR5 memory, and versatile Compute Express Link (CXL) expansion in an ultra-rugged, highly configurable chassis. Designed from the ground up to dissipate massive thermal loads created by larger and more powerful components, the design delivers higher computational performance in a smaller footprint optimized for accelerated workloads in military and industrial applications.

Brian Perry, General Manager of Mercury’s Sensor Systems business unit, said: “The RES X08 follows in the lineage of field-proven RES X07 and RES X06 servers that meet the demanding requirements of mission-critical workloads at the edge. Tens of thousands of Mercury rugged servers are currently deployed across U.S. and international defense programs, and Mercury is proud to make the latest commercial Silicon Valley technologies profoundly more accessible to aerospace and defense customers.”

RES X08 is said to deliver significant performance improvements over a prior-generation technology, including:

  • 50% increased CPU core count
  • 6x greater GPU performance
  • 50% increased memory bandwidth
  • 2x faster PCIe throughout
  • 2x faster optical networking
  • 1.5x faster NVMe data storage speeds
  • 2.5x increase in total compute capability per rack unit
  • 15% improved power efficiency

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