Consortium Launched to Enhance Robotics & UAS Technology

The Red Cat Futures Initiative (RFI) unites innovative unmanned aerial system (UAS) hardware and software companies with the aim of putting advanced and interoperable UAS into the hands of warfighters By Joseph Macey / 16 May 2024
Consortium Launched to Enhance Robotics & UAS Technology
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Drone technology company Red Cat Holdings has formed the Red Cat Futures Initiative (RFI).

RFI is a consortium of robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) partners dedicated to putting the most advanced and interoperable uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) into the hands of warfighters.

Anchored by Red Cat’s Teal Drones, the RFI unites the world’s most innovative UAS hardware and software companies focused on AI/ML, swarming, FPV, command and control, and payloads.

Founding members include Ocean Power Technologies, Sentien Robotics, and Athena AI, with a shared goal of advocacy, integrations and co-marketing that bridges considerable technology gaps through modular open architecture.

Jason Gunter, Red Cat Director of Special Programs, said; “One of many Teal Drone advantages is the modular design that allows for effortless swapping of propulsion, payload and other hardware based on the specific needs of warfighters.

“Additionally, with Teal as a hub, we’ve already built a robust ecosystem of partners that specialize in AI and computer vision applications, 3D mapping, target acquisition, swarming, and other sUAS decision support features. The RFI formalizes this but is also a launchpad for co-marketing, tech collaboration, and grassroots advocacy.”

Jeff Thompson, Red Cat CEO, added; “The need for the UAS sector to move quickly to meet the requirements of Replicator is more urgent than ever.

“The needs of warfighters have shifted dramatically over the past several years, and the key to bridge technology gaps and accelerate maturation is co-innovation amongst hardware and software companies that span the entire value chain. The RFI will spearhead this mission and be a central place to showcase new capabilities and industry voices.”

Red Cat developed this initiative to support the Pentagon’s desire to accelerate innovation for its Replicator initiative and the need for “attritable” autonomous systems across air, land, and sea. This includes the U.S. Army’s Short-Range Reconnaissance (SRR) Program.

The consortium will collaborate to ensure requirements-based UAS production that meets the needs of specific missions, as well as reduce vendor lock-in and promote interoperability. The RFI will also focus on R&D and government advocacy that accelerates technology maturation.

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