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Communications Provider Renews Team Forces Sponsorship

Spectra Group, a producer of impressive operation-ready secure networks and BLOS communications systems, and is renewing its Silver Sponsorship for Team Forces this year By Abi Wylie / 11 Jul 2024
Communications Provider Renews Team Forces Sponsorship
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Spectra Group Ltd is a specialist provider of secure voice, data and satellite communications systems, and has renewed its Silver Sponsorship for Team Forces this year.

The company has more than 20 years of experience manufacturing operation-ready secure networks and beyond line of sight (BLOS) communications systems. The Cyber Advisory and secure Hosted and Managed Solutions Spectra deliver reliable, resilient voice and data communications for environments with limited relevant infrastructure.

Using in-service tactical radios, Spectra’s SlingShot is a cost-effective way to achieve command and control (C2) BLOS Communications on the Move (COTM) over 1000+ kms. The system works on all platforms with the majority of UHF and VHF radios; enabling L-Band Satcom using Inmarsat’s L-TAC global network.

On top of Spectra’s mission critical tech, the company is also very proud to be supporting British Forces sport and adventure training through Team Forces. 

Spectra Group’s support to Team Forces, and such extreme endeavours as expedition Frozen Dagger, forms a fundamental part of Spectra’s UK MoD social responsibility plan, through which they give back to the wider customer community across UK defence. 

Sport and adventure training is a key component of service life generating teamwork, leadership skills and personal challenge but the funding of some elements can often be difficult to secure. Through their Silver Sponsorship, Spectra Group enables wider participation and increased quality of key sporting events directly supporting those taking part. 

Team Forces is an MoD endorsed programme which improves the lived experience for the armed forces community through the power of sport, challenge and adventure. Their initiatives improve health, wellbeing and recovery of service individuals by promoting excellence, equality and inclusion. Team Forces conducts fundraising, attracts sponsorship and makes financial grants to increase the accessibility of such activities.

In particular, Spectra Group have sponsored the Armed Forces Equine Charity to make equine sport and recreation more affordable and accessible to the military community. For example, last year over 19,000 people enjoyed equine activities, at all levels, at their Armed Forces Equestrian Centres. 

They also supported 424 Wounded Injured and Sick (WIS) serving members to access horse riding and provided critical support to over 50 highly vulnerable veterans who had isolated themselves and were at high risk.  In addition, their contribution to the Ulysees Trust, a charity which provides funding assistance to challenging expeditions and activities involving members of the Volunteer Reserve Forces and Cadet Forces of the UK, supported some of the 80+ adventurous training activities. 

Simon Davies, CEO of Spectra Group, commented; “As a veteran myself, and with many veterans employed by Spectra Group, I am proud to announce our continued Silver Sponsorship of Team Forces to best support those still serving and have the opportunity to give back.

“Our ethos at Spectra Group is to design communication products that are focused on solving the problems that front line soldiers face, and so, to also support members of the armed forces community to have greater access to sport, challenge and adventure is a real privilege.” 

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