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3 Aircraft Systems in 1: Why Honeywell’s PTMS for the F-35 is so Effective

Find out how Honeywell’s power and thermal management system (PTMS) for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II increases efficiency and reliability, and reduces system life-cycle costs Feature Article
Why Honeywell’s PTMS for the F-35 is so Effective
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Honeywell’s integrated package for the F-35 program combines a conventional auxiliary power unit, environmental control system and emergency power into a single system. A first for the industry, Honeywell’s advanced technology offers striking advantages in comparison to conventional systems.

Outfitted on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft and available for more electric architecture (MEA) aircraft, Honeywell’s PTMS delivers:

  • Savings in aircraft weight of about 1,000 pounds
  • Savings in aircraft length of about 10 inches
  • Significantly increased reliability
  • Savings in aircraft life cycle cost

On the F-35, the PTMS integrated power package delivers electrical power for the aircraft main engine start, auxiliary, and emergency power needs, while simultaneously providing thermal management of the aircraft heat loads.

The PTMS provides primary electrical power for ground maintenance and main engine start, emergency electric power for; flight surface actuation, flight-critical avionics, in-flight engine start capability, cockpit and avionics cooling. As well as pressurized air for; anti-G suit pressurization, canopy seal pressurization, and cockpit pressure control.

In addition to this, Honeywell offers comprehensive support tailored to each market covering training, tooling, spares and repairs, and OEM engineering, as well as technical data and publications. This extensive, overarching support results in reduced turnaround times, valuable operational flexibility and increased aircraft availability.

Ready for anything. No matter the mission.

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