Ruggedized Solid-state Liquid Level, Temperature and Position Sensors for Military Applications

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Ruggedized Solid-state Liquid Level, Temperature and Position Sensors for Military Applications
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Reventec specialises in the design and development of technologically advanced sensing products for military and defense applications. Our team has vast experience manufacturing liquid level, position and temperature sensors for military platforms in harsh environments, working with clients to produce custom solutions perfectly suited to the intended application.

Reventec products are used globally for continuous vehicle health monitoring, such as oil and coolant level sensing for reliability within defence land vehicles, and fuel level monitoring on unmanned aerial systems.

Our military product range is designed to meet EMC certification MIL-STD-461F and RTCA DO160F.

Mil-Spec Liquid Level Sensors

Reventec liquid level sensors are designed to provide high performance and reliability in extreme operating conditions, suitable for monitoring fuel level, oil level, water and coolant level, as well as other dielectric fluid levels.

Military Liquid Level Sensors

Utilizing solid-state capacitive technology with fully integrated electronics, our sensors are well-suited to fuel and oil monitoring on tracked and wheeled military land vehicles, as well as fuel level monitoring on unmanned aircraft (UAS). The sensors are tested to the very latest in EMC Military Standards, and can be fitted with either integrated or in-line 38999 connector options, allowing easy integration into vehicles requiring a mid-life upgrade. High temperature probe options, anti-galvanic designs and resistive outputs are all available on request.

All products are manufactured to suit the intended application, whether using one of our standard designs manufactured to length, or a fully-bespoke sensor designed specifically for the application.

Key Features

  • Capacitive Technology with no moving parts
  • Unmatched reliability in harsh environment and high temperature applications
  • Suitable for fuel, oil and coolant level monitoring
  • Integrated temperature measurement option
  • MIL-STD EMC Certified to MIL-STD-461F and RTCA DO160F

Typical Applications

  • Gearbox oil level measurement
  • Coolant level measurement
  • Hydraulic oil level measurement
  • Engine oil level measurement
  • Fuel tank level measurement
  • Fuselage tank fuel level sensing

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Non-Contact Position Sensors

Reventec mil-spec position sensors offer high levels of accuracy and reliability even in the harshest of operating conditions. Our position sensors utilize our patented non-contact measurement technology, which is not only capable of monitoring linear, rotary and irregular movement, but is also able to sense through up to 40mm of non-ferrous material such as stainless steel and aluminium. Single, dual and triple channel outputs are available in either analog or CAN.

The devices are solid-state with no moving parts, ensuring reliability unmatched by potentiometers and other legacy technologies.

We have a small range of standard position sensor products available, however the majority of products we supply (especially in the defense sector) are custom developed to suit the application requirements – ideal where vehicle upgrade projects require a sensor that uses the same fit, form and function as a legacy product.

Our design engineers will produce proof-of-concept demonstrators and prototype sensors in very short timeframes to allow rapid qualification of the technology, and we have no minimum order quantity requirement for production units.

Position Sensor Custom Design Examples:

Key Features

  • Contactless, solid-state measurement technology
  • Monitor linear, rotary and non-uniform position measurement
  • Sense through non-ferrous walls and housings up to 40mm thick
  • Suitable for high temperature applications
  • Rapid development of custom position sensors for military applications

Typical Applications

  • Hydraulic linear position measurement
  • Slew angle arc position sensor
  • Landing gear angular position sensor
  • Angular arc measurement

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Temperature Sensors

temperature sensorOur range of ruggedized, programmable temperature sensors are ideal for a wide range of military vehicle applications, including engine, exhaust gas and gearbox temperature measurement.

Our temperature sensors have a wide measurement range from -50ºC to +170ºC in standard form and a high temperature variant up to +250ºC is available for increased operating temperatures.

Key Features

  • Solid-state, continuous temperature sensing
  • Ratiometric voltage output
  • Measurement range -50ºC to +170ºC (standard variant)
  • High-temperature variant up to +250ºC
  • High Accuracy PT-1000 (Class B 1/3 DIN) sensing element
  • Designed for long-term reliability in harsh environments
  • 1000bar fluid pressure designs available

More information: Temperature Sensors

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