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ALIGN® ALIGN® Heading and Relative Positioning GNSS Firmware

ALIGN® Heading and Relative Positioning GNSS Firmware

Firmware that provides high precision attitude and accurate relative positioning information between two or more receivers in dynamic land, air and marine applications. Visit Website Contact

ALIGN firmware combines two or more receivers to generate precise positioning and heading for dynamic applications such as marine or aviation. ALIGN uses GPS, GLONASS and SBAS to provide high solution accuracy and availability, even in difficult environments. Accuracy from synchronized solutions is provided with output rates up to 20 Hz on our OEMV® and OEM6™ receiver platforms.

  • GPS + GLONASS signal reception
  • SBAS support
  • Precise heading and pitch
  • Easy creation of an ALIGN network
  • High precision relative positioning maximizes efficiency
  • Easy plug and play installation
Two ALIGN Models:

ALIGN Heading™: Generates high precision heading and pitch angles between two receivers for real time navigation.

ALIGN Relative Positioning™: Generates high accuracy heading, pitch, relative separation and positioning between two or more receivers for high precision monitoring and automation.