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BLASTech Crew Seat Jankel's Latest Generation Crew Seat
BLASTech Crew Seat

Jankel's Latest Generation Crew Seat

In response to emerging needs for a military seat that delivers on mass, occupant comfort, whole body vibration attenuation, all at an affordable cost, Jankel has developed its next generation Crew seat to push all boundaries. This lightweight blast mitigating, best in class comfort, highly functional seat is configurable for integration into light, medium and heavy military vehicles. Visit Website Contact
BLASTech Crew Seat Key Benefits
  • Incorporates Jankel’s world class blast mitigation technology, proven to increase the survivability of seated occupants during a blast event.
  • Enhanced occupant comfort, tailored to operating conditions and usage durations.
  • Increased seat adjustability with greater quality of movement.
  • Optimised seating proportions for improved ergonomics and vehicle packaging.
  • Vibration attenuation properties to reduce harmful vibrations and increase the safe usable time for seated occupants.