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H-764 & FALCN GPS/INS Embedded GPS-aided INS (EGI) for military aircraft

Embedded GPS-aided INS (EGI) for military aircraft

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Honeywell’s embedded GPS-aided inertial navigation systems (EGIs) are self-contained units designed to support demanding military-grade navigation, pointing, stabilization and flight control applications. Certified to DO-178 and DO-254, the systems deliver a variety of highly reliable outputs, including:

  • Linear and angular acceleration, velocity and position
  • Attitude (roll, pitch)
  • Platform azimuth
  • Magnetic and true heading
  • Altitude
  • Body angular rates
  • Time tags in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) synchronized time

EGI with M-Code

EGI – Embedded GPS/INS

All units can be provided with robust anti-jam capabilities to protect against modern jamming and spoofing threats and challenging GPS-denied environments. The EGIs can also be equipped with M-Code functionality, providing secure and future-proofed navigation capabilities for military aircraft operators.

The H-764 is available as a legacy unit with a larger chassis to maintain commonality with older systems, while the FALCN provides the same features and performance of the H-764 in a smaller and lighter package.


H-764 H-764 Legacy FALCN
Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 9.8” 7 x 7 x 12.75” 6 x 6 x 9”
Weight: <20 lbs 22 lbs 12.5 lbs
Position Accuracy: Free Inertial: 0.2-1.0 nmi/hr CEP
Blended GPS/INS (specs): 5m SEP
Blended GPS/INS (measured): <4m, <1m Horiz. w/dGPS
Velocity Accuracy: Free Inertial: 0.5-0.8 m/s (1.5-2.5 ft/sec)
Blended GPS/INS (specs): 0.01 m/s (0.03 ft/ sec)
Blended GPS/INS (measured): <0.003-0.01 m/s (0.01- 0.03 ft/sec)
Heading Accuracy: Free Inertial: 0.1 deg
Blended GPS/INS (specs): 0.015 deg
Blended GPS/INS (measured): <0.015 deg
Pitch/Roll Accuracy: Free Inertial: 0.05 deg
Blended GPS/INS (specs): 0.01 deg
Blended GPS/INS (measured): <0.01 deg