RF Filters for Military & Defense

Find RF Filter manufacturers and suppliers of lightweight, rugged radio frequency products for defense applications
Overview RF Filters for Military & Defense
By Technology Editor Last updated: March 22nd, 2022

Radio Frequency Filters

Radio frequency (RF) filters are used to filter out unwanted signals from the radio spectrum. 

Most RF filters are made up of coupled resonators. The quality factor of these resonators can determine the level of filtering performed by the RF filters. 

There are many kinds of filter based on the application and the size of the wireless equipment, including:

  • Cavity filters
  • Planar filters
  • Electroacoustic filters
  • Dielectric filters
  • Coaxial filters

Military RF filters

RF filters used in military systems must offer exceptional performance. These types of filter include band pass filters, diplexers, duplexers and RF delay filters among others. These RF products are designed and manufactured to be lightweight and rugged for use in harsh military environments.

The technical goals of RF product design are to offer superior size, insertion loss (IL) and rejection performance for every application.

Military applications include:

  • Electronic Warfare
  • Identification, Friend Or Foe
  • Broadband Multi-Channel Communications
  • Wireless Base Station Systems
  • Electronic Surveillance and Countermeasures
  • Radar
  • GPS
  • SatCom
  • Navigation