Optical Fiber Systems & Equipment

Overview Optical Fiber Systems & Equipment
By Technology Editor Last updated: March 28th, 2022

Tactical Fiber Optic Systems

To improve safety and maximise situational awareness, military forces continue to upgrade communications and monitoring infrastructure. Investing in fiber optic systems as a cost-effective network alternative provides essential communications solutions, including greater bandwidth for real-time voice, data and video applications, all in an easily deployable platform.

Mil-Spec Fiber Optic Cables

It is equally critical that these communication systems yield a reliable network between the theater and command control center. Military approved and certified fiber optic cables and harsh environment connectors offer the reliability and performance needed when communications are vital for the success of the mission.

An added advantage of using fiber optic cabling is that it is immune to electromagnetic interference so there is no need for heavy shielding around the cable, which reduces installation and application problems as well as reducing weight.

Rugged Construction

Designed for uncompromised dependability in harsh conditions, military-grade physical plant fiber cables and connectivity products are tested to the most extreme military standards and are battlefield proven. The rugged, tight-buffered fiber optic cable construction enables the highest possible survivability in severe crush, impact, vehicle runover, deployment and retrieval conditions.

Military tactical cables are extremely strong, lightweight and rugged and are suited for outdoor applications where deployment and retrieval for reuse is required.

MIL-SPEC connectors are typically plugs that hold and align two fibers for mating two harsh environment connectors.

Cable deployment reel systems are typically made of metal or composite and are designed for applications where cable needs to be deployed and reeled in quickly and stored efficiently.