USMC Orders ACV-30 Test Vehicles

The US Marine Corps (USMC) will receive multiple BAE Systems ACV-30 production representative test vehicles for trials before making a full-rate production decision By DA Staff / 17 Aug 2022
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BAE Systems has been awarded a contract to build multiple ACV-30 Production Representative Test Vehicles (PRTVs) to be delivered to the US Marine Corps for a period of testing prior to a full-rate production decision. The contract is valued at $88 million.

The ACV-30 mounts a stabilized, medium caliber Remote Turret System manufactured by KONGSBERG. The 30mm RT-20 is a remotely controlled and operated weapons system that enhances crew protection. The remote turret eliminates the space requirement of legacy lethality systems, provides more space to transport troops or mission essential equipment, and reduces weight for better mobility.

“The unmanned KONGSBERG RT-20 medium caliber turret is designed to meet the current and future needs of the Marine Corps as they move forward in implementing the future operating vision known as Force Design 2030,” said Scott Burk, president of KONGSBERG Protech Systems USA. “The fielding of this vehicle system provides the Marines with a low risk, and operationally proven solution.”

The ACV represents a balance of sea/land mobility and survivability, with future growth potential. It was born out of a combination of BAE Systems’ amphibious vehicles legacy and Iveco Defence Vehicles’ long history of producing more than 30,000 multi-purpose armored vehicles.

“We are committed to equipping the Marine Corps with the best technology available to provide them with a decisive edge,” said John Swift, vice president of amphibious programs at BAE Systems. “We have carefully chosen proven industry partners who are equally committed to ensuring Marines have the capabilities to dominate on the battlefield.”

The ACV-30 is one of four variants in the ACV Family of Vehicles. BAE Systems is under contract for a personnel variant (ACV-P), a command variant (ACV-C), and a recovery variant (ACV-R).

BAE Systems has received task instructions from the US Marine Corps to complete a study of incorporating a Command, Control, Communication and Computers/Unmanned Aerial Systems mission payload into an ACV variant.

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