Ultra Intelligence & Communications Demonstrates Enhancements in High-Capacity Tactical Communications

At a technical demo in Florida, the company illustrated the capability of its sixth-gen Orion multi-mission, high-capacity tactical line-of-sight radios and its family of deployable SATCOM terminals By Joseph Macey / 13 Feb 2024
Ultra Intelligence & Communications Demonstrates Enhancements in High-Capacity Tactical Communications
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Ultra Intelligence & Communications recently hosted a technical demonstration for government and military customers in Sanford, Florida.

The company successfully illustrated the capability of its sixth generation Orion multi-mission, high-capacity tactical line-of-sight radios and family of deployable SATCOM terminals to support large scale combat operations.

The demo marked several significant new milestones:

  • Prototypes of the single channel Orion X610 were showcased for the first time to a public audience, utilizing Ultra I&C’s high throughput mesh (HTM) waveform in an urban environment. This robust waveform coupled with the small-form factor, multi-mission X610 demonstrated an unparalleled ability to provide on-the-move C2 and fires applications over higher bandwidth channels than any other Mobile Adhoc Networking (MANET) waveform in its class.
  • The dual-channel Orion X630 demonstrated a new range milestone between two SWAP-constrained tethered drones, establishing and maintaining a high bandwidth point-to-point channel at nearly 30 kilometers, achieving approximately 30 Mbps. The X630 Orion has been optimized to be smaller, lighter, and more powerful than any other comparable multi-mission dual-channel radio on the market and can be used on air, land or maritime platforms from tethered unmanned systems to surface vehicles.
  • The range-extending dual-channel Orion X650 demonstrated over-the-air interoperability with the currently fielded Orion X500 (GRC-262) and the X630, which was configured to crossband PLI and SA from disconnected nodes supported by an edge-tier waveform. The X650, with its true 4×4 MIMO, multi-mission, software-defined point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mesh waveforms, meets and exceeds the U.S. Army’s need for increased range and spectrum agility while reducing SWAP and cost. It delivers enhanced features and functionality to operators while maintaining backwards compatibility with all high-capacity line-of-sight radios fielded within the Army for the last 25 years.
  • Ultra I&C’s GigaSat Ultralight VSAT (ULV), FA-100, and FA-180 SATCOM terminals were quickly set up and disassembled, demonstrating ease of use and adaptability for various missions. The modular designs of inter-terminal exchangeable components are built to withstand extreme weather and offer unmatched simultaneous dual-band transmit and receive waveguides.

“The success of today’s demonstration represents not just progress for military communications, but a connected future battlespace where command posts can be made more effective and survivable through more secure, mobile and flexible communication systems,” said Alain Cohen, Ultra I&C’s president of communications.

“Getting equipment into the hands of [our warfighters] to test allows us to get their ideas and an understanding of their mission set,” said one military officer in attendance. “Ultra I&C is providing us that Swiss army knife to get after expeditionary advanced base operations. The capabilities you have are incredible.”

On today’s battlefield, soldiers need to effectively engage the enemy, maneuver quickly to new missions and clearly communicate orders, intelligence, logistics and fires up and down the chain of command. The family of Orion high-capacity tactical radios enables the warfighter to receive and relay immense amounts of data, including full-motion video, to ensure a complete common operational picture during multi-domain operations.

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