Strategic Partnership Formed at the World Defence Show 2024

Milanion NTGS and Avibras formed a partnership to provide battlefield support through high mobility, high firepower, precision strikes, and crew safety through a ‘shoot and scoot’ ethos By Abi Wylie / 06 Feb 2024
Strategic Partnership Formed at the World Defence Show 2024
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Milanion NTGS and Avibras Indústria Aeroespacial have joined forces to develop and manufacture advanced defense equipment, offering important capabilities and innovative solutions to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the region. 

The two companies are participating together at the World Defence Show 2024 (WDS 24), a specialized defense exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from February 4th to 8th in Hall 1, stand F5.

The partnership aims to contribute to the KSA’s Vision 2030 programme by offering high value-added defense systems and services that meet the needs and requirements of the Saudi Armed Forces.

Aware of the new demands of the global defense and security market, both Milanion NTGS and Avibras will showcase consolidated products and cutting-edge technologies at the exhibition, with Avibras having reformulated its portfolio.

The notable synergy between both companies is evident through existing ‘in-service’ and ‘combat-proven’ systems that provide battlefield support through; high mobility, high firepower, precision strikes and crew safety through a ‘shoot and scoot’ ethos, in most operational environments.

Milanion NTGS’ flagship ALAKRAN Mobile Mortar System is the worlds lightest mortar carrier system, meticulously engineered with mission-critical capabilities to counter the key tactical challenges encountered on high intensity battlefields. 

The dual system integrates 120/81 mm smoothbore or riffled mortars in a simple operation and is designed to deliver pinpoint accuracy through sophisticated automatic targeting and patented shock absorption technology that keeps the mortar barrel in position, across a broad spectrum of terrain.

Avibras boasts an impressive array of military technology to be shown at WDS 24, including the combat-proven ASTROS Rocket and Missile Artillery System. The Tactical Cruise Missile (TCM) stands out with its 300 km target neutralisation range. 

Additionally, the ASTROS AFC introduces an autonomous firing calculation for versatile operations and enhanced firepower. The C4 ISTAR system, drawing on Avibras’ extensive experience, integrates advanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities. 

Completing the lineup is the ASTROS III, a next-generation launcher capable of deploying a wide range of ballistic and guided rockets, missiles, and long-range tactical cruise missiles, marking a new era in firepower and strategic capabilities.

With co-participation at the World Defence Show, Milanion NTGS and Avibras are strengthening their partnership with the aim of boosting cutting-edge technological knowledge in both Companies.

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