Shryke Precision Munitions Successfully Dropped from Integrator UAS

In collaboration with Corvid and L3Harris Technologies, Insitu has successfully conducted tests in which two GPS-guided Shryke munitions were dropped from the Integrator unmanned aerial system (UAS) By Joseph Macey / 15 Dec 2023
Shryke Precision Munitions Successfully Dropped from Integrator UAS
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Insitu has conducted its first successful test drop of inert GPS-guided Shryke munitions from the Integrator Uncrewed Aircraft System (UAS) in collaboration with Corvid and L3Harris Technologies.

Shryke, developed by Corvid Technologies with L3Harris, is said to be known for its multi-mission precision strike and versatility and is another option in strike capabilities that Insitu is offering.

“We were able to demonstrate a low signature munition with a safe separation sensor, fuze, and warhead on Integrator,” said Kyle Bowen, Corvid Technologies Director of Business Development. 

“Integrator delivered the munitions within 1-2 meters of the target in each test flight. We couldn’t have asked for a more successful demonstration,” Bowen added.

Integrator, a NATO Class 1 Small UAS (DoD Group 3 UAS) offers endurance of more than 24 hours and carries up to 40lb of payload capacity. Payload integrations are accommodated in the center CG bay, two wing trays, and two wing-mounted hardpoints. Integrator’s multi-payload capacity provides the ability to carry multiple munitions and/or transition between kinetic and non-kinetic objectives as the mission requires.

“The two rounds of munitions were seamlessly fitted into Integrator’s CG payload bay and several mission sorties were executed demonstrating advanced navigation, targeting, and payload delivery systems,” said Justin Pearce, Insitu Vice President of Programs, Engineering & Flight. “Pairing kinetics with Insitu’s proven endurance and range gives our customers flexibility in how they address a dynamic battlefield.”

The Integrator was equipped with a MIL-STD-1316 Electronic Safe and Arm Device (ESAD) from L3Harris to provide safety-critical energetic systems initiation-on-command and to safely support the post-flight recovery of munitions still installed.

“The ESAD was designed for applications that require a reliable arming and firing sequence with precise timing events, as well as vital personnel safety precautions,” added Steve Stasiak, General Manager, L3Harris Technologies. “We were able to validate this capability on Integrator and are very pleased with the way the ESAD configurations performed during the flight test.”

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