Open Architecture Counter-Drone Ecosystem Launched

The new BLACKTALON Ecosystem from SPX Communication Technologies is a C-UAS capability based on the company’s core counter-drone solution, incorporating open architecture to facilitate customization with other providers’ technology By William Mackenzie / 03 Jul 2024
Open Architecture Counter-Drone Ecosystem Launched
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Radio frequency (RF) technology specialist SPX Communication Technologies (SPX) has launched the BLACKTALON Ecosystem, a new counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) capability based on the operationally proven BLACKTALON solution.

The BLACKTALON Ecosystem integrates SPX Communication Technologies’ BLACKTALON C-UAS technology with a vendor-agnostic framework.

This approach ensures solutions can meet users’ specific requirements. Defense and security teams can gain from a tailored approach to their specific Concept of Operations, threats, user groups, existing capabilities, and budgets.

The core BLACKTALON solution includes:

  • Active radars
  • EOIR
  • Passive RFDF
  • A RF jammer
  • Mast configuration

While SPX will continue to offer this standard configuration, the open architecture of the BLACKTALON Ecosystem allows any of these elements to be customized or replaced. This flexibility provides users access to the latest systems and hardware capabilities, without unnecessary barriers and in a suitable timeframe.

SPX suggest that users could choose autonomous optical tracking from OpenWorks, cutting-edge 3D radar from Echodyne, RF subsystems from SPX, and mount them on a range of dispersed or centrally located mobile or transportable masts to provide a single, scalable BLACKTALON C-UAS capability.

Users also benefit from SPX’s experience developing C-UAS solutions for high-threat scenarios. The company collaborates with users from concept stages to operational deployment, ensuring solutions are optimized for specific needs and mission objectives, with continued support throughout their operational life.

Graeme Forsyth, C-UAS Product Manager at SPX Communication Technologies, commented; “The complexity and speed that modern conflict develops means it’s impossible for a single C-UAS provider to own all the necessary technologies to provide a best-in-class solution suitable for all forms of threats today and in the future. 

“As a trusted partner for global defence and security teams, our BLACKTALON Ecosystem helps break down barriers to threat response. It continues evolving to support their C-UAS need – all in close collaboration with customers, the industry, and supported by our proven technology.”

James Cross, Director at OpenWorks, stated; “Collaboration is key in the development of successful C-UAS defence technology. Integration and flexibility are at the forefront of system capabilities and requirements. Our inclusion in the BLACKTALON Ecosystem reflects this, and we are proud to be involved with a system that allows end-users a fully customisable design depending on mission-specific requirements.”

David Montague, Director EMEAI at Echodyne, added; “Systems are evolving rapidly to address the C-UAS threat, with accuracy, flexibility, and ease of integration being key evaluation criteria. We are pleased to be included in BLACKTALON Ecosystem, which provides rich optionality for customers to easily tailor system design and performance to mission and location requirements.”

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