Next-Generation Maritime Electro-Optical Surveillance Capability Launched

Chess Dynamics' digital, Electro-Optical Surveillance System utilizes a wide range of advanced sensors, digital architecture, and Vision4ce’s Vision Tracking with an option for AI powered target classification software By DA Staff / 13 Oct 2022
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Surveillance and fire control specialist Chess Dynamics has launched its next generation, digital, Electro-Optical Surveillance System (EOSS) to provide long-range surveillance and situational awareness for maritime, coastal and border environments.

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According to Chess Dynamic, the digital EOSS enables greater flexibility by providing operators with the opportunity to integrate the system with a wider range of additional sensors on the host vessel. Its digital architecture is configured for modular sensors which ensures the highest levels of operational availability, while also providing end users with options to reconfigure and customize the system to meet a variety of mission profiles, ultimately offering a greater range of sensing capability.

“The surveillance needs of security providers, be that for land, border, coastal or maritime applications, are continuing to grow more complex,” said David Eldridge, Sales Director at Chess Dynamics. “Persistent surveillance requires high quality sensors that provide a sufficient volume of data to help operators effectively detect and identify and, ultimately, nullify threats. With the operational environment ever-changing, customers also need more flexibility and the ability to customize their capability to suit their requirements. The new digital EOSS delivers on all fronts.”

The system’s new and improved sensors are designed to provide higher quality and more accurate data to allow operators to better detect and identify threats. The next generation technology has been developed with a completely digital architecture to allow secure network access and enable improved integration with other sensors and systems. This increases the level and quality of data available to operators, to improve situational awareness.

“While technological improvements in security capability will lead to an increase in available data, the next step for operators is to use that data intelligently,” added David Eldridge. “Capabilities like ours are becoming smarter, in order to reduce the cognitive burden on the operator. As specialists, not only do we understand the operational environment, but we are able to work with system integrators to optimize the technology to meet the known security need. By working with partners in this way, we can help them turn data into actionable information to enhance the overall speed of response.”

Chess’ latest surveillance capability has in built video tracking and target classification through Vision4ce’s CHARM modules and AI technology. Greatly reducing the operational burden, the system effectively filters the information and only flags objects that are deemed genuine risks or threats to the operator.

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