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MilDef Wins Cybersecurity Contract

European cybersecurity specialists Clavister has ordered MilDef's hardware to a value of 97 MSEK By Sarah Simpson / 22 Dec 2023
MilDef Wins Cybersecurity Contract
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Clavister, a leader in European cyber security for mission-critical applications, has ordered MilDef’s hardware to a value of 97 MSEK

Clavister is a specialized European cybersecurity provider protecting complex digital businesses. In the current project, MilDef and Clavister have co-developed the combined hardware and software solutions for use in leading vehicle platforms, manufactured by a global player.

The product solution is part of the Cyber Armour system and meets extended requirements from the customers. The new product is a powerful military-graded security gateway product, which is designed to form an integral part of the electronics and communication structure in highly digitized defense platforms.

The collaboration is an excellent example of joint Nordic development work of hardware and software. The mix of our uniquely robust hardware and Clavister’s leading software creates the best possible conditions for the next level of cyber security. We are proud to jointly contribute to the modernization of European defense“, says Daniel Ljunggren, CEO MilDef.

Clavister and MilDef build on a long and strong relationship where cyber software meets ruggedized hardware. In times of increased digitalization of the defense forces there is a clear need for substantially increased cyber security. For us MilDef is the perfect partner in the armor of the future defense capabilities” says John Vestberg, CEO Clavister.

The order follows a previous prototype order for customized and robust network equipment. The product is part of Clavister Cyber Armour, an integrated cyber security system for defense platforms. Deliveries will take place 2024-2029.

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