Insitu Pacific & Innovaero to Develop UAS Loitering Munition Solution

The companies will develop, test and field the collaborative system using Insitu Pacific's common ground control (GCS) and INEXA software to control both unmanned aerial system (UAS) and long-range One-Way Loitering (OWL) munitions By Joseph Macey / 20 Oct 2023
Insitu and Innovaero to develop uncrewed long-range strike concept
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Insitu Pacific (IPL) and Innovaero will collaborate on an integrated solution for a long-range strike capability using uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS), providing a versatile solution in an increasingly complex battlespace.

The work will coordinate IPL’s Integrator, which provides intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), and Innovaero’s One-Way Loitering (OWL) munition which can strike a long-range target after flying directly to it or circling overhead. 

“This unified approach would combine uncrewed intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and long-range strike capabilities to rapidly deliver direct effects in the engagement zone without the need for crews in larger air assets being put at risk,” said Andrew Duggan, Managing Director, Insitu Pacific. “The concept is designed to achieve seamless integration with current Australian Defence Force systems, including the Integrator, and offers great potential to become an integral strike asset.”

Together, the companies will develop, test and field the collaborative system using Insitu Pacific’s common ground control station (GCS) and INEXA software to control both UAS and long-range OWLs. Operators would command both assets through the common GCS.

“The versatility of the proposed combined ISR and strike solution provides a significantly shorter ‘sensor to shooter’ loop to engage emerging threats,” said Simon Grosser, Innovaero Group CEO. “Our collaboration with Insitu Pacific builds on our work with Defence in Australia to develop an Australian loitering munitions capability, and offers an integrated solution for long range UAS target detection and effective engagement.”

Development and testing for the Integrator/OWL system will continue through 2023.

The announcement builds on a Memorandum of Agreement established between Insitu Pacific and Innovaero in July 2021 to strengthen the development of Australian technology for uncrewed aerial systems.

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