Defense Advancement’s Most Read Articles from November 2023

We covered a number of significant developments in November 2023, including news from Teledyne Marine, Honeywell, and Inertial Labs By Joseph Macey / 04 Dec 2023
Defense Advancement’s Most Read Articles from November 2023
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We published over 100 articles on in November 2023, covering significant developments across the defense, military and security sectors.

Here are the top five most read articles on Defense Advancement in November 2023:

1. Key Australian Supplier Partnerships Announced for Military XL-AUV Program

Anduril has announced partnerships with ten key Australian suppliers who are collaborating on the Ghost Shark program.

The Ghost Shark collaboration uniquely brings together Defence Science and Technology Group’s (DSTG) scientific knowledge, the Royal Australian Navy’s battlespace prowess, and Anduril’s Silicon Valley DNA in a real-time co-development process.

Anduril’s partners include Sonardyne, Advanced Navigation, Axiom, and Hargrave Technologies.

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2. Teledyne Marine Deploys UUVs During NATO Exercises

Teledyne Marine deployed multiple Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) during the REPMUS 23 experimentation and DYNAMIC MESSENGER 23 exercise which took place in Troia and Sesimbra, Portugal. 

Teledyne Marine deployed its newly developed Osprey Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), from the Portuguese Navy NPR Dom Carlos I in support of a Critical Undersea Infrastructure (CUI) protection experiment as part of the broader Undersea Warfare experiments.

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3. Long-Endurance Maritime Surveillance UAS Launched

A MALE UAS tailored specifically for maritime surveillance, harnessing the capabilities of the Milkor 380 platform, is set to be introduced by Aerodata AG and Milkor.

What sets this UAS apart is its adaptability. In addition to its MALE capabilities with a service ceiling of 30,000ft, it operates seamlessly in the LALE segment, effectively covering altitudes below 10,000ft – an essential capability for typical maritime surveillance missions.

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4. 3 Aircraft Systems in 1: Why Honeywell’s PTMS for the F-35 is so Effective

Honeywell’s integrated package for the F-35 program combines a conventional auxiliary power unit, environmental control system and emergency power into a single system. A first for the industry, Honeywell’s advanced technology offers striking advantages in comparison to conventional systems.

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5. Inertial Labs’ Revolutionary CAPSS System Awarded SBIR Phase III Contract

Inertial Labs, a pioneer in inertial measurement technology, has been awarded an SBIR Phase III contract by the Army Applications Laboratory of Army Futures Command.

The award supports Inertial Labs development, design, and fabrication of the Cannon Artillery Pointing and Sighting System (CAPSS) for potential use on the US Army’s Paladin and the Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA) vehicles.

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