Curtiss-Wright Introduces Next-Generation Data Transport System

The new DTS1+ is an upgrade to the DTS1, industry’s first COTS DAR storage solution with two layers of full disk encryption in a single device, with ~2x faster Ethernet data rates (190MB/s write and 220MB/s read) and enhanced encryption By DA Staff / 09 Mar 2023
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Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions has introduced the next generation of its DTS1 Data Transport System. 

The new DTS1+ single slot Network Attached Storage (NAS) device features enhanced performance and capabilities while retaining the same form/fit/function as the DTS1, believed to be the industry’s first Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Data-At-Rest (DAR) storage solution to support two layers of full disk encryption in a single device. 

The DTS1+ is designed to store and protect large amounts of data on helicopters, fighters, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs), Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft that require the protection of sensitive DAR to international standards.

According to Curtiss-Wright, the original DTS1 data recorder is the embedded industry’s first COTS DAR storage solution designed to support Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) with 2-Layers of encryption in a single device. 

CSfC is an NSA-approved approach for protecting classified National Security Systems (NSS) information in aerospace and defense applications that uses cost-effective commercial encryption technologies in a layered solution. It is also the only Common Criteria-certified NAS solution approved by the NSA and approved by NATO with two certified encryption layers. 

Curtiss-Wright has formally commenced the Common Criteria (ISO-15408) certification process for DTS1+, which is currently undergoing certification for CSfC, with completion expected later in 2023.

“The great success of our original DTS1 data recorder, with hundreds fielded today, results from its ability to deliver a turnkey solution for NSA approved CSfC with two layers of full disk encryption in a single device, eliminating the need for system integrators to combine two independent encryption layers,” said Chris Wiltsey, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions division. “Our new DTS1+ takes this further, with faster Ethernet data transfer rates and enhanced hardware encryption all while reducing program risk, schedule risk, and cost.”

With nearly double the Ethernet data rates (190MB/s write and 220MB/s read) of its predecessor, the DTS1+ also integrates the latest generation hardware encryption device, which supports FIPS 140-2 Level encryption via 128-bit AES-XTS. The compact, single-slot CSfC Certifiable DTS1+ also supports the same external cables and Removable Memory Cartridges (RMC) used with the DTS1, for storage up to 8 TB per RMC. 

The very small DTS1+ NAS device weighs only 3.77 lb. (1.71 kg) and measures only 1.5 x 5.0 x 6.5” (38.1 x 127 x 165.1 mm). The DTS1+ supports PXE protocol so that network clients on a vehicle or aircraft can quickly boot from the encrypted files on the DTS1+’s RMC storage unit. This approach both facilitates software updates for network clients and significantly reduces SWaP by eliminating the need for individual hard disks in each network client. Curtiss-Wright offers two mounting options, the VS-DTS1+SL-FD, which is designed for cockpit use with DZUS mounting panel, and the VS-DTS1+SL-F, which uses L-brackets to support very flexible mounting within space-constrained platforms.

The DTS1+ enables any network-enabled device to retrieve stored data or save newly captured data. It supports networked devices using heterogeneous operating systems (Linux, VxWorks, Windows, etc.) that support industry-standard NAS protocols (i.e., NFS, CIFS, FTP, or HTTP). The DTS1+ also supports iSCSI protocol for block data storage and PCAP protocol for Ethernet packet capture.

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