AUV62-AT & Seaeye Falcon ROV used in NATO Underwater Exercises

Saab’s anti-submarine warfare training target and remotely operated vehicle deployed as part of two NATO operational experimentation exercises By Sarah Simpson / 20 Oct 2023
AUV62-AT and Seaeye Falcon ROV used in NATO Underwater Exercises
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Saab’s underwater systems supported elements of two ‘operational experimentation exercises’ involving over 2,000 civilian and military personnel from 15 NATO nations, Ireland and Sweden

In September, Saab deployed the AUV62-AT anti-submarine warfare training target, alongside the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), Seaeye Falcon. The Seaeye Falcon was operated from the Portuguese Navy Vessel, Dom Carlos I, while the AUV62-AT was operated from a naval base.

Both systems participated throughout the two exercises, REPMUS 23 and DYNAMIC MESSENGER 23, over a total of three weeks. The aim of the exercises were to explore experimental marine unmanned systems in an operational context.

Saab’s AUV62-AT, in cooperation with Sweden’s defense procurement agency, FMV, supported Anti-Submarine Warfare systems brought by navies, industry and academic experts. It did this by being used to mimic the acoustic profile of a submarine, tailored for the exercises, that they could then hunt for and track. The data AUV62-AT collected was then used to provide rapid feedback to the various systems, informing future methods of deployment.

As part of the Critical Undersea Infrastructure aspects of the exercises, Seaeye Falcon demonstrated its operational flexibility and reliability in a range of underwater tasks.

The Seaeye Falcon was crucial in the identification, relocation and neutralization of simulated Underwater Explosive Devices placed on an underwater communications cable. This included the laying of targets and conducting underwater procedures used to make suspicious hazards safe, and their remote recovery for forensic analysis. This phase of the exercise was designed and conducted by Saab UK.

“It has been a privilege to collaborate with NATO and industry experts in exploring how we tackle the developing threats against our Critical Undersea Infrastructure, a defensive capability which no doubt will see more activity in the coming years,” says Dean Rosenfield, Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director, Saab UK.

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