AEE Mission Computers for Airbus H145s

German avionics firm Aircraft Electronic Engineering GMBH (AEE) has been awarded a contract by Airbus for the series production of special mission computers for the H145 and H145M helicopters By Joseph Macey / 24 May 2024
AEE mission computers for Airbus H145s
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Airbus has contracted Aircraft Electronic Engineering GMBH (AEE) for the production of mission computers for the H145 and H145M helicopters.

AEE General Manager Phillip Volz and Lukas Hamm-Riff, AEE Accountable Manager EASA Part 21G & Part 145, signed the respective contract. 

Lukas Hamm-Riff said; “We developed the first prototype for the mission computer with the abbreviation IDEFIX in 2020, and now the final product is going into series production with the second generation of devices.

This long-term collaboration with one of the world’s leading helicopter manufacturers demonstrates the maximum flexibility of AEE and Airbus Helicopters in this project.”

In addition to the versatile mission computer as a plug-in unit for the cockpit panel, AEE has developed another device especially for the Airbus H145M: SONAF ensures a secure radio link for safe communication in the military version of the helicopter.  

For the IDEFIX special mission computer, AEE is already planning the third generation of the device.

“We are proud of AEE’s performance and look forward to further joint projects with Airbus as solution provider and avionics system developer,” added Lukas Hamm-Riff.

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