Advanced Pressure Sensors Improve Speed & Altitude Accuracy in Drones

Superior Sensor Technology’s new pressure sensors are not sensitive to noise, provide extreme accuracy and are designed in a very small form factor, making them ideal for ensuring flight path control in drone applications By DA Staff / 27 Apr 2022
ND for UAVs
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Superior Sensor Technology’s new ND Series pressure sensors offer an advanced air measurement capability that can improve the speed and altitude control of drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for military operations.

The company is offering two advanced pressure sensors for barometer applications that measure changes in atmospheric pressure to maintain stable altitude and Pitot tube applications for measuring air speed (still and moving air) in winged UAVs. 

Based on the company’s advanced NimbleSense architecture, the ND series pressure sensors are not sensitive to noise, provide extreme accuracy, offer fast response times, use minimal power, and are designed in a very small form factor, making them ideal for ensuring precise flight path control in drone applications. 

The ND015A absolute pressure sensor for barometric applications and the ND005D differential pressure sensor for Pitot tube applications have industry leading 17-bit effective resolution, resulting in measurement accuracy of within 0.10% and 0.05%. The NimbleSense architecture ensures this accuracy is linear, enabling the pressure sensors to maintain consistent measurement readings regardless of the UAVs’ altitude or speed. 

Unlike other pressure sensors, the ND015A and ND005D have an integrated multi-order digital filter that blocks out noise caused by wind and mechanical components of the UAV, further eliminating measurement errors. System update rates from the sensors can be set as fast as 2.25ms, ensuring faster response time during changing flight conditions. The devices’ Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) consumption are small; measuring 19mm x12.7mm in size, weighing 3.5gm, and with 5mA power consumption.  

The NimbleSense system-in-a-sensor architecture offers an unprecedented level of integration and performance. For example, the NimbleSense Multi-Range feature enables UAV manufacturers to use the same sensor across all of their product lines operating at different speeds and conditions. This unique capability reduces inventory stocking costs and manufacturing time. 

“The demand for UAVs is surging, with forecasted growth of over 18% annually between 2022 and 2030 driven by a mix of commercial, industrial and military applications,” said Anthony Gioeli, Vice President of Marketing, Superior Sensor Technology. “This growth will demand ever more intelligent and efficient pressure sensors for flight accuracy.” 

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