Tactical Grade IMU, GPS/INS, Weapon Orientation Solutions
INS-DM Rugged IP68 dual-antenna GNSS-aided INS

Rugged IP68 dual-antenna GNSS-aided INS

INS-DM is a ruggedized, EMC/EMI shielded combined Inertial Navigation System (INS), Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS) and Air Data Computer (ADC) that determines position, velocity and absolute orientation (Heading, Pitch and Roll) for any device on which it is mounted. Visit Website Contact

The INS-DM is an ultra-ruggedized all-in-one INS, AHRS and air data solution, featuring an IP68-rated housing with enhanced EMI shielding to MIL-STD-1275 standards. The system is available with a variety of options for GNSS receiver, magnetometer and Inertial Labs or third-party IMU, and can also be enhanced with an optional air data computer supported by two Honeywell barometric sensors, as well as an internal fluxgate or external standalone magnetic compass.

The system incorporates cutting-edge sensor fusion and advanced navigation and guidance algorithms tailored to the specific dynamic motions of manned and unmanned aircraft, naval vessels and land vehicles. All sensing elements are fully calibrated across the entire temperature range.

Size 160.4 x 141.2 x 61.1 mm
Weight 1345 g typical (depends on configuration)
Horizontal Position Accuracy 1.2 m (SP)
0.6 m (SBAS)
0.4 m (DGPS)
0.005 m (PP)
0.01 m + 1 ppm (RTK)
Heading Accuracy (static | dynamic) 0.15 deg | 0.15 deg (1m baseline)
0.08 deg | 0.08 deg (2m baseline)
Velocity Accuracy 0.03 m/sec or 0.05 m/sec (depending on receiver)
Pitch & Roll Accuracy (dynamic) 0.01 – 0.05 deg (depending on IMU)
Gyroscope Bias in-run Stability 0.25 – 2 deg/hr (depending on IMU)
Accelerometer Bias in-run Stability 0.003 – 0.025 mg (depending on IMU)