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AGT1500 Turbine Engine 1500-horsepower main battle tank engine
AGT1500 Turbine Engine

1500-horsepower main battle tank engine

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AGT1500 Turbine Engine

The AGT1500 is a gas turbine engine that is specifically designed to fulfil main battle tank propulsion requirements, and currently serves as the powerplant for the M1 Abrams. Delivering 1500 horsepower in a compact and lightweight footprint, it provides superior acceleration and mobility under harsh battlefield conditions, with a power-to-weight ratio that enables the M1 Abrams to accelerate from 0 to 20 mph in six seconds and reach speeds of over 40 miles per hour.

The versatile and powerful engine excels in a variety of challenging environments, including sub-arctic conditions and the hottest deserts. It features multi-fuel operation and provides instant power from a cold start, and produces low levels of noise with no visible smoke, making it ideal for stealth operations.

Upgraded performance

The AGT1500 has undergone multiple upgrades since its introduction in order to ensure that warfighters are provided with the state of the art in battlefield superiority. The latest revision rotates the engine into a transverse orientation, thus freeing up 46 cubic feet of space under the tank’s armor that can be used for additional fuel, ammunition or additional hybrid energy options. This new orientation also enables the addition of an improved air induction system that reduces foreign object damage and decreases maintenance requirements.