XCOM Labs Demonstrates XR Technology for Military Training & Simulation Applications

XCOM's 60GHz network for extended reality (XR) supports fully immersive, untethered, multi-user experiences for simulated military and defense training environments By DA Staff / 23 Nov 2022
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XCOM Labs will demonstrate its wireless extended reality (XR) technology for military and leadership during I/ITSEC 2022, taking place Nov. 28 to Dec. 2 in Orlando, Fla. 

XCOM Labs’ Wireless XR Platform enables multiple users to move simultaneously and freely through interactive, immersive virtual reality and mixed reality digital environments for training, education and other XR applications. 

The company’s XCOM Labs Wireless XR Platform connected to a powerful edge computer rendering server can enable users to experience lifelike, high resolution immersive environments.

Wireless XR runs on millimeter wave (mmW) spectrum to transfer thousands of megabits per second while ensuring no lag or latency as users move through areas as large as a basketball court. 

XCOM Labs’ Wireless XR Platform incorporates the company’s split rendering solution to move heavy rendering workloads from the XR headset to an edge compute graphic processing unit.

“We keep inventing new technologies in order to provide the most realistic extended reality possible,” said Paul Jacobs, CEO, chair and cofounder of XCOM Labs. “Our technology allows natural movement, supports multiple users and reliably delivers ultra-HD 4K video with such low delay that it transports users comfortably into the variety of extended reality applications.”

According to XCOM Labs, its Wireless XR system is accelerating the next generation of military and defense training by providing a platform for virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality content to be designed and delivered to enhance the proficiency of both the XR system and the operator.

“We’re enhancing the virtual training environment by engineering a low latency, high throughput end-to-end solution that supports a comfortable and cinematic quality visual experience,” said Henry Orejuela, XCOM Labs Sales Director. “Ultimately, our goal is to improve actual outcomes during real-world challenges that our military, medical and other users regularly encounter in the field.”

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