UV-Enhanced Detector Designed for Laser Power Monitoring Applications

The UVG20S from Opto Diode features a 5.5 mm active area, stable responsivity over wide temperature ranges, and 100% internal quantum efficiency from 200 to 400 nm By Joseph Macey / 11 Jan 2021
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Opto Diode Corporation, an ITW company, has announced an ultraviolet-enhanced detector featuring a 5.5 mm diameter active area – the UVG20S.

The photodiode is ideal for UV detection between 190 nm to 400 nm spectral wavelengths with a full spectrum of 190 nm out to 1000 nm. The device features stable responsivity over wide temperature ranges and features 100% internal quantum efficiency from 200 to 400nm.

The photodetector is packaged with a UV quartz window that is epoxy-bonded in place making it ideal for integration into new or existing systems.

The circular active area device is specially designed for high-energy detection, such as laser power monitoring applications. Under test conditions at 254 nm, the UVG20S detector’s responsivity ranges from 0.105 A/W (minimum) to 0.115 A/W (typical). Shunt resistance is 100 MOhms (typical) and reverse breakdown voltage is 50 volts (typical).

At 0 V bias, capacitance is 1.5 nF (typical) and response time is 4 microseconds (typical).

Storage and operating temperatures range from -20 °C to 80 °C and the lead soldering temperature is 260 °C.

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