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US Army Selects Mission System Supplier for Air Launched Effects

Collins Aerospace’s RapidEdge Mission System provides secure communication, mission computing and autonomous behaviors for effective Air Launched Effects (ALE) operations in a small form factor By DA Staff / 27 Jul 2022
US Army FVL Program Selects Mission System Solution
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The US Army has chosen Collins Aerospace’s RapidEdge solution as the Mission System for the next phase of the Air Launched Effects (ALE) small program for the US Army Aviation’s Enduring and Future Vertical Lift (FVL) fleet. 

ALE is an attritable Family of Systems (FoS) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) that is launched from a helicopter, large UAS or other alternate platform that has a variety of payloads designed to help Army Aviation increase reach, lethality and survivability of manned platforms when operating against peer threat systems.

The Collins RapidEdge Mission System aims to achieve those goals by providing central functionality including radios for communication, solutions for handling multiple levels of classified data and mission computing. It also enables multiple autonomous ALEs to work together toward a common goal by leveraging individual payloads to make a greater impact on dynamic and complex operational environments.

Leveraging a robust, resilient and modular open systems approach at a high technology readiness level and manufacturing readiness level, RapidEdge Mission System is designed to solve customer challenges within the small UAS market. Its open systems approach allows for integration of third-party capabilities to avoid vendor lock and gives the government the option to add capabilities if needed.

“The RapidEdge Mission System demonstrates Collins’ technical and tactical expertise in the ALE market,” said John Sapp, vice president and general manager, Integrated Solutions for Collins Aerospace. “This award is another proof point that Collins is always ready to solve complex and challenging customer problems today.”

The company successfully demonstrated the ready-now RapidEdge Mission System in November 2021 to support FVL.

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